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Queen Loxa [Hiatus]

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Queen Loxa [Hiatus]

Post  Flame Melody on Sat Sep 07, 2013 3:08 pm

Name: Queen Loxa Devereaux
Age: 25.
Ethnicity: Distortian.
Allegiance: Villain.
Origins: Magic User; Noctom.
Height: 6 ft.


Sphere of Midnight:

Shoots black negative energy orbs at opponents.

Power of Attack: Medium.


Darkness Cloud:

Summons a monstrous cloud on top of enemies (3 persons at max) that sends dark waves of negative energy on enemies that causes pain in the body.

Power of Attack: High.

Shadow Wall:

Creates a wall made of shadows around the user and other allies as defence. It is weak in the daylight but stronger at night. Fire and light can weaken the shield.

Power of Defense: Medium.


Loxa shoots electric bolts at the enemy that zaps paralyzes them for a minute.

Power of Attack: Low.

Mischievous Tentacles:

Loxa summons 2 tentacles that can grab and throw objects.

Power of Attack: Medium.

Strengths: Very defensive. Her powers increase a little bit on the night. Smart, and very agile.

Weaknesses: In the day, her powers decrease slightly.  She seems most of the time to be pushed away because she is annoying. She is a little bit weak to light attacks due to her darkness powers. She have an allergy to fake jewels; they giver her a rash if eaten.


Being born in the Distortion Planet where everything is out of space, time and everything is opposite, Loxa was the daughter of Queen Sophelia who, in fact became a queen by killing the past king and queen. She have been the king's cousin and, by being the only family member related to the king, Sophelia took over the throne to rule Distortion. The queen was pregnant at that time, but Sophelia showed no mercy in killing her along with her husband.

Queen Sophelia was, despite her power, a young ant in the eyes of wizards. Being the queen, she ordered to summon all the dark wizards and mages to her castleThe for a secret meeting. The dark mages and wizards couldn't do anything but get baffled by the Queen's request. To absorb all the darkness power in her planet and direct them to her. She wanted absolute power that she was nowhere close to control.

The fact that Loxa have some demonic powers is because her mother Sophelia's powers due have been classifed as demonic more than dark. There was only one way for Sophelia to be able to maintain such power. It had to come with bloody sacrifices. 100 innocent souls had to face death with a slaughter by her hands just so she could put them a sacrifice to be able to control all this power. 

This fact changed Sophelia into a cruel monster from inside who can sense demonic and dark powers all over the planet. Her body was fueled with huge power that almost nobody could control without such sacrifice. Her planet was ruled with misory and cruelity that haven't been met since the throne was on her brother's hands. The planet used to be full of life and joy, but all this perished once their beloved king was dead.

Sophelia had a little daughter called Loxa who was authorized to be the ruler when her mother, Queen Sophelia dies. Her mother, after years of controling these powers, couldn't stand these powers and went berserk inside herself. She had a self-war that she couldn't fight, she was easily beaten by the souls that had the chance to haunt her. She was found dead on her throne, looking weak and flimsy from being drained from every portion of her powers. 

Loxa became the queen but was too sad for her mother's loss. She wanted to do anything to just please her mother even when she was dead. She wanted to immortalize her mother. Because of this, she ruled the planet in a way that was cruel and destructive even more than her mother's abilities. She went to Earth to understand how one can be so happy in such tragedies. She wanted a plan to absorb all that happiness to find, for once, true life. She never showed her side which is considered to be her true face. Passionate, friendly, and lovable. 

She never was that happy kid ever since she started realizing how cruel and evil her mother was. She saw day by day how her planet was being eaten away with suffer and cruelity and sometimes she sit down and is near to tears, seeing how she can't do anything to save her planet. She have never been that kid anymore. She was gradually changing to be the evil person her mother always wanted her to be. She barely felt happy anymore after that, she tried to always please her dead mother's wills by following her footsteps. 

She haven't decided if she wants to try what her mother did, she was afraid to die and lose her powers and die like her. She was searching for methods to achieve her mother's powers without facing her destiny. She tried to summon the wizards and mages for consult, but they refused to help. They, ever since what they suffered from her mother, vowed not to help the royal family in any angle. She threatend to banish them, and in return they threatened to destroy her and the planet, as she is in no where close to their powers.

Ever since, Loxa thought of the possibilites of them revolting and taking over the throne, so she consulted some trusted magicians. She asked them to cast a strong spell to conceal any magic that can harm or affect the planet or even her in any possibilites. In return they asked for a favor. Her sister's dead soul. They refused to tell her their motives, but, since Loxa hates her sister, agreed to the offer. The spell have been casted. The deal have been made. Since she killed her sister in the Hospital, her soul went directly to the wizards. It have been used in secret rituals that belong to the wizards that, till this day, remain unkown what they have done with it.

Thus, Loxa's have decided to stay on Earth for a while until she could understand what's next to do. She's decided to set it a goal in her life to find a way to destroy all the happiness in the planet, as she couldn't stand seeing happiness after her life turned miserable. She vowed herself she'll find a way someday to remove all the happiness in the world.

Fun Fact: Loxa's poeple the Distortians have their all their internal organs including their teeth, tongues, throat etc. covered by a special liquid found only in their species that enables them to grind, eat and even taste jewels.

Do you use nanos: No.
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