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Rosalinda [Loxa's][Hiatus]

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Rosalinda [Loxa's][Hiatus]

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:50 pm

Name: Rosalinda.
Age: 28.
Ethnicity: Linphian
Allegiance: The Hero(ns)es xP.
Origins: Magic User; School of Bota.
Height: 5.8ft.
Spoiler: show


   Vine Twister:

Rosalinda aims a poison vine at an opponent and causes an irritation to the opponent's skin such as a rash and burning the skin a bit.

Strength of Attack: Between Low and Medium.

   Spring Ring:

A very defensive shield in the shape of a flower that forms around the hand.

Strength of Defense: High.

   Ninja Daises:

Shoots golden daises at an opponent.

Strength of Attack: Medium

   Autumn Wind:

Small colorful flowers attacks the enemy, and even follows it to attack it even if it's moving. This attack is fast, but it'll be off if the opponent was faster to be able to keep running away from it.

Strength of Attack: Medium

   Luxurious Ivy:

A big ivy grows below the opponents and holds them up for one turn.

Strength of Attack: Weak.

Strengths: Rosalinda can catch poisonous plants without being affected. Rosalinda gains a little bit extra strength when she is surrounded by many plants, or forests etc. Rosalinda have a higher defense to dark attacks.

Weaknesses: Rosalinda haves a headache (from very strong to weak, depending on quantity) when she feels large amounts of plants, or any amount of plants being tortured, cut etc nearby. Rosalinda's headache can be either strong or weak, depending on the quantity. Rosalinda's powers are a little bit weakened in hot areas such as deserts, etc. But not when the weather is hot inside a house etc, unless it was the reason of a strong sun, not such factors as broken AC whatsoever. Rosalinda is somehow less resistant to thunder attacks.

Personality: Rosalinda is a determined, kind girl, and is always there for her friends. She is also sensitive, and can be someone who is really reliable and is ready to help her friends. Whenever you're in trouble, she is there for you and to cheer you up. Rosalinda is also a smart, well educated girl and knows lots of stuff about plants from different planets. At times, she can sometimes get very angry, especially if it was something affecting nature, aquamarine life, etc causing her to act and think quickly. But, despite all of this, when it comes to money, Rosalinda have a bad habit of being stingy. She tries her best to buy the cheapest stuff, and when she knows something she wants to buy in a high price, she frets and starts talking about getting heart attack and stuff.

However, is shown that Rosalinda has an insecure side to her personality as she would have problems believing in herself at times. Her insecurity would sometime cause her to hide most of her feelings to the point where she would have problems expressing them.

History: Rosalinda grew up in a peaceful planet called Linphea, and she was the daughter of a gentle, well-known family in her city. Being Linphea a planet where everyone is so peaceful and fond for plants. Rosalinda's father was also an important person in her planet. He is the planet's prime minister and thus making Rosalinda a polite and gentle girl. During her childhood, she always wanted to grow up and to be a biologist one day, and take care of plants and animals from all types. She also have a smaller sister, called Miele.

Rosalinda is also known for her kindness among her friends, but sometimes, her insecurity gets the best of her, causing her to shut down at bad times such as when she was once asked to say her testimony, but she was afraid from the coco near her. Nevertheless, Rosalinda was known for helping people when they needed her, and how she puts helping her friends in need as her top priority; and how she proved that to everyone when her friends were in trouble of failing the final exam, but she helped them memorize what they needed too, although she had a test. She failed in it, but she was happy she helped her friends.

Rosalinda is also very smart, and she got her Master degree in Biology and intends to find a suitable job for herself. She then decided to travel to Earth, to study more about Earth's nature such as Earth's plants, animals, traditions etc. She made sure she studies some of their traditions and behavior before she travels, so she can blend with everyone.

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