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Ace Zonara [Hiatus]

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Ace Zonara [Hiatus]

Post  Ryuga on Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:02 pm

Name: Ace Zonara
Age: 19
Ethnicity: American
Allegiance: Villain
Origins: Magic (School: Noctem)
Powers: Dark Magic User


Shadowsphere A blast of dark energy shot from Ace's hand (Low)

Shadow Pull Extracts the nearby shadows and forms a ball of shadows and Ace fires them at the foe from his hand (Low)

Black Death A Dark Aura that surrounds Ace's to increase attack power (Medium)

Shadow Pulverizer A physical attack of a punch that will paralyze the foe for at least 1-3 minutes depending on the condition they're in

Shadow Storm A gust of dark energy that whirls and dances through the area, slashing at the foe (Medium)

Dark Light An attack charged up using Black Death and the current emotion of the wielder called upon the Chaos Katana sword into one massive attack (High)


  • Smokebombs

  • Rope Dart

  • Decoder

Weapon Katana Chaos Sword (A sword passed down from Ace's family)

Appearance: Wears a dark purple shirt with a black ace jacket with a hood and black cargo jeans. Spiky-Like black hair and dark purple eye color


  • See's and works well during the night

  • Very agile

  • Works well with sword combat


  • Hates the light so he keeps his hoodie up during the day.

  • Allergic to spicy foods.

  • Another weakness of his is Lux Magics and his dark magics have no affect on demons

Personality: Ace is a person who like to work alone but he's calm and collected. He the lone type of person. He has few people that are close to him but if you want to be on his good side, it's gonna take sweat as well too. He likes to stay up during the night. Most of his bounty request he does during the night. He does tons of research on the bounty requests of the specific person or thing so he's one edge above the person or thing. He has a psychotic side when things turn for the worst in battle which rarely happens but trust me you don't want to push him during the time. He does most of his missions alone. He's not a total lone wolf cause there are times when he needs the people who are close to him.

Ace's History

     Ace was born from a long line of magic users but he was far different from rest of his relatives. He really never got attention during his child life. At the age of 13 he became more aware of what he was capable of with his magic abilities. At that time, his father though it was time for him to be the next to wield the Katana Sword of his family. But it was different. His magic was dark and full of lonesomeness and hatred and it even caused the sword to have a change of appearance as its all dark-like now. During his school years, he was teased of how lonesome he was. One day on a 8th grade field trip, a boy picked on Ace. As Ace always did, he would usually ignore them with no feeling of giving a crap. But the boy that was picking on Ace didn't give up so easily. He took punched Ace and he didn't respond like he normally would. Dark aura formed around his right hand and Ace punched the kid and the fight ended up badly for the kid. The teacher suspended Ace. Later on in his teenager years he became more filled with a lonesome hatred. He began doing bounty on people and other stuff. Later on his whereabouts with bounty became aware with the police and his been on the run on doing bounty every since. He runs rouge but like a lone wolf in the world.

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