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Princess Lydia [Loxa's][Removed]

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Princess Lydia [Loxa's][Removed]

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:43 pm

Name: Princess Lydia.
Age: 23.
Ethnicity: Distortian
Allegiance: Heroes
Origins: Magic; School of Lux.
Powers: Light Orbs: Lydia can use light orbs to attack enemies and shove them back far enough.
Power: Medium
Healing: Lydia can also heal others, and can wake someone if he or she fainted. The ability to make someone wake up if fainted is the most ability that uses powers from her so she needs to rest for a little while to use her abilities again.
Power: Low - High
Light Shield: Lydia can place up a shield made of solid light herself and one other ally. Depending on whether or not she'd used power beforehand, her shields can either be strong enough to resist attacks, or weak enough to break after two strikes.
Power: Medium - High
Temporary Blindness: Lydia can temporarily blind enemies for two minutes by placing her hands infront of their faces and making them flash.
Power: Low
Copy: Lydia can make a copy of herself made of light that have all her powers but seventy percent weaker. But this copy uses a lot of her powers so Lydia can only use her for about ten minutes and then she faints.
Power: Medium

Height: 6.1 ft.
Strengths: Lydia is able to withstand any sort of light since her eyes have a protective photo-shield over them. She is kind-hearted and willing to help others without hesitation. Since she is a student under the Lux discipline, her powers are slightly heightened during the day.
Weaknesses: Lydia's copy of herself isn't stable and can break apart any second. Due to being new to Earth, she doesn't understand the customs and is sometimes confused by the people. Since she is a student under the Lux discipline, her powers are lowered during the night.

History: Like Queen Loxa, Princess Lydia is the daughter of Queen Sophelia and was born and raised in royalty. Lydia and Loxa were a lot different as Lydia's childhood was a lot happier than Loxa's since she was the sweet, kind girl. Lydia was always playing with the other children, even the poor ones, and invited them often to the palace to eat jewels with her in her room. Loxa used to always envy her because she had had lots of friends who she played with and talked to. Lydia always felt that her mother preferred Loxa over her since Loxa had been the one to inherit her dark powers and acts like her in almost everything, even in personality.

Lydia felt that her light powers were a sin since she inherited them for her father who her mother refused to reveal his name since he was a light user and that her mother didn't like her since she was a kind person and that she prefers Loxa for being evil. After her mother died, she cried hard but she felt Loxa's sadness was very harder than her since she was so close to her. Her mother wanted Loxa to be the queen since she knew she will be a better ruler since she have all what it needs to be a queen like her.

Because of this, Lydia thought that her mother didn't love her at all so she used to cry all the time when she was alone. During Queen Sophelia's consolation, Lydia's friends came there but Loxa, with all her envy and anger, fired them out. Lydia asked her why she did that. Loxa directly answered that she is the new queen and every decision she makes must be followed no matter what. She fired them since she was always jealous that they talked and played with Lydia, not her. Lydia felt that once her mother died, her life would change and she was right.

She was always there to help her sister when she was tired from all the politics and all and she felt that she was left alone since she talks to her friends in secret by sneaking out through the back garden. She fell in love with one of her old friends, Christopher. He was one of the wealthy people in the planet, so it was easy for him to go everywhere without being talked with.

They chose to get married after Christopher reached 25, which is the age allowed for men to ask for marriage at the Distortion Planet. But, because her sister traveled to invade another planet, the wedding plans changed even though Christopher became 25 years old. Being so, Lydia decided to travel to Earth to talk with her sister and reveal to Loxa her true feelings about Christopher.

Also, Lydia has has finished learning Earth's High Tech technology in college. Due to her not doing so well in her acceptance test, she was forced to pick from few selections of High Tech, and thus she decided to study Earth's High Tech technology and now she doesn't work anything since her planet's technology is way higher than Earth's. And thus she is living her life in the castle and going in and out like a free woman without anything to worry about, but she reads her books about 2 hours a day so she still remember what she took in case she needed to do anything concerning Earth's Technology.

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