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Belladonna Lexington [Loxa's][Hiatus]

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Belladonna Lexington [Loxa's][Hiatus]

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:33 pm

Name: Belladonna Lexington.
Age: 15.
Ethnicity: Swiss.
Allegiance: Neutral
Origins: Magic User; Aero.


   Belladonna takes several minutes (4-7 posts. Enough right?) to condense air in her hands and then releases them as a big, very strong (not THAT strong but it's still strong. You know what I mean, I can't explain it '-'.) sphere of condensed air at her targets.

   Strength of Attack: High.

   Extreme Speed:

   Belladonna uses the wind under her air to give her a dash of wind at every step she makes.

   Strength of Ability: Low to Medium.


   Belladonna charges up some air particles and releases them as a shockwave. This attack have a stun effect that stuns the enemies for few seconds each time it hits.

   Power of Attack: Medium.

   Solid Wind:

   A shield made of very dense hot air that forms all around the user. The shield is weak against thunder and dark attacks. It is stronger in hot days.

   Power of Defense: Medium.

   Hurricane Scythes:

   Belladonna unleashes dense hot air that hits the opponent at a very high speed.

   Power of Attack: Medium.


   Belladonna can fly in the air due to her element being air.

   Power of Ability: Low.

Spoiler: show

Strengths: Pretty smart, very agile, knows how to remain calm in dire situations.
Weaknesses: Easily distracted, have short temper which usually gets the best of her, doesn't easily trust people.

Personality: Belladonna is a smart fierce girl who doesn't like to waste time. She is always striving to be the best. She is caring and gentle, but she's usually annoyed easily by stuff. She doesn't enjoy listening to others advises and thinks it's kind of a waste of time listening to others annoying shenanigans. She can be helpful at times. Despite her being a tough nut, Belladonna is also sweet and friendly at times with the people she trust, and only the people she trust but she is also moody, causing others to be distracted by her a bit. Despite seeing her sister as a brat, she does trust her in her life, but doesn't trust her in anything related to work.

History: Belladonna grew up with her sister Sophie a luxury life, as they are living in a big mansion owned by their parents. She is originally born from Switzerland, but speaks in a somewhat of a British accent due to her not being originally an American, and the fact she learnt English at a British school. but was forced to learn English to learn how to speak to other people in other countries with the primary language in this world.

Her parents are always traveling due to business, so her parents got them a nanny called Madame Rosmerda to take care of both of them. Unlike Belladonna, Sophie always follows what Madame Rosemerda says. Belladonna always thought Madame Rosemerda was wasting her time, as she thinks she doesn't need her help. So she tries to avoid her most of the time. She with her sister runs their parent's main company in the city with help from some trusted friends Belladonna's parents know. She doesn't trust them much when it comes to work, as she feels she does her work better than others, but she is forced for the help.

Belladonna does get some help from her sister, but she barely helps since she doesn't seem to finish any job in any correct way, causing Belladonna to work most of her time. Since she was 5 years-old, she discovered her gift by accident. She was playing alone with her dolls, until one day when she sneezed, she blew up the dolls and the stuff in front of her. Since then, her magic didn't appear again until she was 10. She thought there was something wrong with her and was afraid to tell her parents. Until she was 11, she saw coincidentally saw on the internet an article about kids with paranormal powers and an address to a place where they train their powers. In the night, she felt it was the moment to go. She sneaked out of her house and went to a small house.

There, she met an old lady that surprised her from behind, asking her what she is doing her. Belladonna explained her case and that she was afraid to tell her parents about her powers. The old lady took Belladonna inside, to meet her with bunch of kids. The lady now known as Miss Cassedine, helped Belladonna train her powers secretly till this day almost every day in the night without anybody knowing. Belladonna has been training for her since 4 years, and Miss Cassedine thinks she is one of her most talented students and can after a year or two of training totally master her powers.

Her parents nor anyone besides Miss Cassedine and her friends that go to train their powers with Miss Cassedine never knew she had the powers, even her sister as even she thought that telling her sister Sophie is a big mistake since she thinks Sophie would go tell her parents or anyone, as she knows Sophie isn't the best one to trust in such matters. She secretly uses her powers sometimes, but never let anyone see her, so she uses her powers when she is completely alone. Although she knows her father comes from a family with magic, she never told him about it since she knew her father doesn't have the time to train her, and didn't train with her sister or Madame Rosemerda since she hates her and still thinks her sister would tell everyone about her powers, and also sees that she's wasting her time training with someone that doesn't have much responsibility.

Belladonna grew up in the world knowing what's bad and what's right, but she has been always wishing secretly she could go out of her boring life at work and find something interesting. Although she has been training her powers, after the first year since she knew how her powers work, she started to get bored from training and saw it nothing less than work. Belladonna usually goes reading a book or does something involving the use of the Internet when she's bored, as she doesn't have much friends, as she doesn't really care. She has always been alone since she was a kid and always hated the fact her twin sister Sophie is annoying.

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