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Last Stardust (work in progress)

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Last Stardust (work in progress)

Post  Kaiser on Thu Dec 10, 2015 12:07 am

“It doesn’t matter whether or not a star shines bright. One day it will die and be lost in time. All of its wishes and dreams will disappear with it. You want to be someone that ensures peace will be around for all eternity? The evil of humanity will always rise and bring forth a new threat to the peace you cherish so much. That’s nothing but a foolish dream you stole from your brother! ONE THAT CANNOT FIND THEIR OWN PATH DESERVE TO PERISH AND BE FORGOTTEN FOR ALL OF TIME, JUST LIKE THE NUMEROUS STARS YOU LOVE!”

“Even if for a brief moment, a star that dies shines brightly in the night sky. My ideals might have been inspired by someone else; but they’re still mine. It’s true that humanity will always have evil come from it, but it doesn’t matter as long as there’s a light that can illuminate that darkness when it appears. I don’t care whether I’m right or wrong. This is my path and I’ve decided that I will be the beacon that guides the future to peace. I will accept that you are correct, but I refuse to accept that you are right.”

Hello readers, glad to see you check out my newest story idea! Taking inspiration from the Visual Novel Fate/stay night, the world will never be the same when seven legends from Fusionfall's timeline appear, whether they be the past, present, or even the future! These seven legends are referred to as "Servants" and fall into one of seven categories of warriors. Each servant is paired up with a "Master" that will command them into battle and be their invaluable partner in mortal combat. What exactly is the reason for this battle? Well stay tuned because that will be revealed at a later date. For now, let's get into this (NOTE: I did not draw this; I made it on an anime character making site):

The first Servant to be revealed is the Archer. As you can see, he is very much a mystery as not even he knows who he really is! If you also noticed, he's wielding a sword and his quote deals with a sword despite the fact that he's a bowman. What could possibly be his story? For now, his master will go unrevealed. Keep in mind that if I reveal a Master, they are not necessarily Archer's as they will not be revealed in order.

As for details on Archer himself, he is a Heroic Spirit that has forgotten his true self when summoned and fights to reclaim the self he once was. While his primary weapon is a bow and arrow, he is not afraid to use his sword and is actually quite the capable swordsman. In fact, the man claims that the sword feels more natural to him, leading him to believe he was a sword user in his past life.

Feel free to ask questions and leave requests for characters you want to see in the story. I already have the Servants decided and a basic idea for Masters, but I might decide that I want more OCs to be Masters instead. Hope you're looking forward to this. More stuff to come.

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Re: Last Stardust (work in progress)

Post  Kyra_Xyrespace on Thu Dec 10, 2015 12:15 am

Well this looks interesting.



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Re: Last Stardust (work in progress)

Post  Caesar Zeroazure on Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:55 am

So is this still a Holy Grail War?
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Re: Last Stardust (work in progress)

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