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New Origins: Vampires

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New Origins: Vampires

Post  Professor Utonium on Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:19 pm

With the growing interest in vampire OCs, the higher ups here have decided to allow it, however, we have to make some guidelines so they aren't too overpowered.

Vampires are a sub-category of Demons. This race has Demon Origins, which should be said on the OC Application. These creatures are considered to be immortal, meaning they will never die of old age. However, Vampires can be killed by any outside cause such as murder or illness.

Unlike the usual vampire trope, Vampires in the FusionFall Universe can freely walk in the sun. All Vampires have super-strength. Vampires can also turn into bats, however, this power MUST be restricted, and they can only turn into small bats. There is no special abilities to bats besides the ability to fly. Super-strength is disabled while in bat-form.

Vampire OCs CANNOT turn others into Vampires. Only super powerful vampires are able to turn others. Currently, Marceline is the only known Vampire able to turn others.

Each Vampire is required to drink blood once a month, just remember the technique. Scrap and lick. The blood doesn't have to be human. However, if your Vampire is a peaceful one, they can also sustain life by draining the red shades out of objects once a month. Marceline is known for doing this in Adventure Time.

Vampires are allowed a variety of powers. So many that it'd be impossible to list them all!  If you want your vampire to possess an obscure power, include any in your application to see if it will pass the test.

Happy RPing, kids!

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