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OC: Kenny Jay

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OC: Kenny Jay

Post  chriscool911 on Fri May 29, 2015 12:15 am

Name:Kenny Jay


Ethnicity: Caucasian

Race: human

Allegiance: hero

Origins: human

Powers: none

Appearance: he is 5 feet 8 inches tall 195 pounds with brown cropped hair with green eyes often seen with his favorite red socks cap jeans and a black shirt.

Strengths: handy with most types of guns being able to shoot accurately from a good distance whether moving or not. heavy handed hes able to use his weight for boxing and most wrestling. is a gifted survivalist able to take most situations and be able to find a good solution for most cases.

Weaknesses: hes more on the fat side so running is a chore for him most times. is completely incompetent with computers or most electronic devices. has a hard time coming to actually hurt someone trying to use words first instead of rushing in to fight.

Personality: He is very kind and compassionate but you wouldn't know it when first getting to know him. Has a hard time trusting others but at the same time has a tendency to be very unpredictable and outgoing. He feels at home around people but does not like to talk about himself much but instead likes to listen to others about their lives. He, if left alone too long, will go into his own world and forget most things. He is very forgetful but is reliable when he needs to be. He is a protector, never letting harm come to those he cares about. Even though he is not inclined to fight normally, if someone he cares about is either in danger or has been hurt he'll come to their aid without a second thought about violence or non. His hate for violence does not extend to those who hurt his friends. Although he does enjoy a good sparring session.

History: having lived in nowhere for all of his 18 years he didn't know much about fuse or his minions instead he lived a quiet life with his aunt Jane and his little brother Kyle. when one morning he woke up to see 6 Aubergine Masters thinking they could possibly be dangerous he told his brother and aunt to stay in the house grabbing a frying pan from a hook he went with it behind his back prepared to either make friends with the creatures or grab his family and run. While a single king size foe sneaked into his house and killed his aunt and brother devastasted he went to the only place he could think of, the cul de sac. He met the urban rangers and decided to team up with them to help stop fuse.

Do you use nanos: yes

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Re: OC: Kenny Jay

Post  Mr.Didathing on Sat May 30, 2015 6:24 pm

I think this ones pretty fair.  Approved from me.

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