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"Carmine Merchant"

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"Carmine Merchant"

Post  Alizarin on Tue Sep 02, 2014 3:00 am

Name: "Carmine Merchant"
Age: 20
Ethnicity: I dunno. She covers her entire body - I can't see a ruddy thing.
Allegiance: Villain (Adrian - Her "Boss")
Origins: Human

None? (Does being a crazy pyromaniac chemist who knows her way around causing much property damage count?)


Short, a little over five feet. Not really that intimidating. She hides her face under a plague doctor's mask, which doubles as her gas mask. She wears a dark red hoodie over her head, along with a darker gray overcoat and jeans. She also wears a pair of hiking boots and thick black heavy-duty rubber gloves.

She also carries around a heavy satchel.


  • Chemistry Background. She exploits her knowledge of chemical reactions to create massive property damage. AND SHE LOVES IT.
  • Heat Resistant. The hottest of summer afternoons have little to no effect on her. However, as much as she loves fire, she fireproofs all her clothes and things.
  • Stomach of Steel. She can eat pretty much anything without adverse effects and she's not a picky eater either.


  • Hyper-focused. She tends to ignore everything around her in favor of whatever task is at hand. It takes much effort for her to notice her surroundings.
  • NO SENSE OF DIRECTION. Gets lost very easily. No map, GPS or visual aid can help her.
  • No Cold Tolerance. She cannot handle the cold and goes out of her way to avoid it.


She goes crazy when burning or destroying anything. AND SHE LOVES IT. Nothing makes her happier than watching things get consumed, blackened and changed, as she puts it.

When not setting things on fire, she's just a short weird bookworm. Jittery, highly introverted, a bit twitchy and short-tempered. She's also hilariously oblivious to the people around her, unintentionally rude and has self-esteem issues she is trying to overcome.

She also firmly believes that since Adrian helped and rescued her, she owes him her life. She will do anything in her ability for him to achieve his goals.


She was an ordinary college student from Townsville who just wanted to study, graduate, have a decent job and live the rest of her life in obscurity, away from all the crazy-crazy that is her City. However, when Fuse began its attack against Earth, her plans for a "normal" life was ruined.

Plain angry and eager to vent, she joined the battle against Fuse where she discovered her unhealthy fascination with fire and explosions in general. Three months ago, during a battle gone horribly wrong, she was separated from her group and was forced to fight for her life until she was rescued by Adrian. She stuck close to the Android ever since.

Do you use nanos: Yes.

  • Father ("Vati") - Fire Rage (Damage - Cone)

Do I need to fix anything?

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Re: "Carmine Merchant"

Post  Mr.Didathing on Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:35 pm

I likes it.

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Re: "Carmine Merchant"

Post  techee on Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:29 pm

Looks good. I'll approve it.

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Re: "Carmine Merchant"

Post  Kyra_Xyrespace on Sat Sep 06, 2014 12:23 am

I'll give an approval



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Re: "Carmine Merchant"

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