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Post  Kyra_Xyrespace on Mon May 19, 2014 6:07 pm

Similar to the RP Open World Directory, this directory is a list of businesses found in the RP.

Sector V
Rosalinda's Botanical Greenhouses of Fruit and Veggie's - The place where this nature loving woman does her thing. She is rather excited for the plants she takes care of.
Mung Daal's Restaurant - Welcome to Mung's place. He cooks up all kind odd stuff here. Chowder lives up stairs. Now a certain someone won't run out of cash.

Pokey Oaks
Tux and Dress Shop - A store for all occasions. Maybe you should come here for a wedding dress.
The Fuse Spa - A spa with a bad name, but it does great business.
Romanian Inn - A small bed and breakfast owned by Eris. Something strange is always happening here at least once a night.
Hair Salon - A renowned Salon for normal people and the rich and famous. The Puffs come here to get theirs done. Sedusa works here part time.
Chubby Cheese - A place where kids go to hang out and have fun. It's family-friendly, and has fun activities for the kids.

Genius Grove
The Smithery - While a blacksmith might seem antiquated, they can still create some rather nice goods by hand. These guys will make anything, just not a gun sword or gun scythe.

Kevin's Temp Garage - Levin's normal garage is in the Bellwood IZ, so he works out of here. He'll fix just about anything.
Katz Motel - Katz doesn't do very good business here, but no one ever seems to leave once they stay.
Sassy Cat Land - The amusement park that is based on the show, Sassy Cat. Ride the roller coaster or the other rides. Just don't eat anything that Billy likes.

Habitat Homes
Habitat Pet Store - A place to buy all things for your pets, from food to toys.

City Point
Estroy Weapons and Bounty Needs - A store for weapons and bounty hunters. Maybe you can find someone to hunt here too.
The Moruge - The place the dead are taken to to be examined. No there is no Dr. Laurel Weaver here, now go away.

City Station/Marquee Row
Record Productions - A rather well known production company that associates with the best people in the singing business. Well-known singers are under their contract, like Sonia Stratum.
Lexington's Food Industry - A large business owned by Belladonna and her sister.
Movie Theater - A ten screen theater which shows some of the best movies around. It's rather cheap, and offers great discounts.
The Southern Italian - A high end restaurant that has the best food Italian food this side of the Atlantic. Tip the waiter please.
Sam's Karaoke Bar - A bar that is for large parties and Karaoke. Have fun while you're here.
The Ice Rink - The local ice skating rink open to the public. Don't make us get out the Zamboni yet.

City Hall/The Sunken Mall
Yield Games - Looking for a new game? Yield Games has the newest and best. Drop in and buy one today.
Annejoan's Fabric - The fabric store with everything you could want for making clothing and other apparel.
Men Deluxe Store - A rather high end, but popular store for men.
Grand Express Fast Food - One of the restaurants owned by the Lexington Family. Enjoy your meal.
Cards for all Occasions - A card store that sell cards for birthday and holidays.
The Pawn Shop - A very run down and sleezy looking place. Don't trust the owner.
Bunnytorium - A store with rather cute and trendy clothing. Bubbles can be found shopping here.
Chocolate World - A store with many types of candy. If you want it, they got it.
Better Deal - If you want electronics, this is the place for you.
Slow and Procure - A small grocers that inhabits the mall, It has everything you will need.
Konata's Heaven - A place where all otaku can fulfill their Japanese needs. Just be careful of over persistent employees.
Marceline's Guitar Store - You want a new axe or instrument? Well come get the best ones from the Vampire Queen.
The Back Off - This quaint little store for all your girlish needs; from dresses and shirts to pants and purses you'll find what you're looking for here, even products for personal hygiene.
JB Homegoods - A store with all the standards from household goods, to sofas, to TVs. If you want it, it's here.
Food Court - An assembly of fast foods. There's a wide variety of choices; the only question is what will you eat today?
Hawk's Apparel - A place for a more grown up look. Roxie would probably love it here.

Orchid Bay/Bravo Beach
Pops' Diner - Want to eat somewhere nice and inexpensive by the beach? Then look no further than here, Pops' Diner!
Sedusa's Tanning Parlor - The villainess' business. If you need a tan come here for it.
Mira's Japanese Restaurant - A Japanese restaurant owned by Ryo's mother Mira. The services is good and the food fresh. Come in and take a seat.
Summer Island Resort - An island just off the coast that is known for its resort, at this time of year an idol contest is being set up. Come here to enjoy the amusement park and other things.
Mira's Japanese Restaurant - A Japanese restaurant owned by Ryo's mother Mira. The services is good and the food fresh. Come in and take a seat.

Harangue's Studio - The set that the Will Harangue reports from. Don't feed him or he will troll you.
Mr. Smoothies - The smoothie joint that Ben loves so much. Come on in and try one. Now offering slushies.

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