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Demon Rules

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Demon Rules

Post  Blueyedemoness on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:56 pm

Alright ever since I first came to FMHQ my character was the only character that had a demonic-type heritage. Now that we have expanded into CN Social it has come apparent that some of you will be wanting a demonic heritage for your character, well let me tell you we have some ground rules that you need to know and follow.

1. There will only be Half-Demon or Full Demon characters. Even though I'm sure 3/4 Demon might be cool it would be too bothersome to really have anything lower than half, so that's what we're sticking to.

2. No Full or Half Demon is allowed to have ANY blood ties to the Demon Royal Family. King Javerick is the current Demon King and has one child, Elyon/Selena, and a loving wife period, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Also Kilroy is his only brother so there's no possibility for him having other siblings. Now you are able to have no blood ties with them (ex: Being a guard at one point) Also the Demon Royal Family is entirely my creation so I don't appreciate people trying to associate blood ties into a family I personally created.

3. No Nanos. Just like any other non-human creature these characters of Demonic heritage are not allowed to have Nanos

4. No Demonic-like characters can be like Him or Aku. Frankly this should be obvious, but the three most powerful demons in the rp are Aku, Him and Javerick. There is no one else who is allowed to go against them and be on par with them. Even Elyon, Javerick's daughter, is no match against one of them even if they were handicapped because she has not had the proper training and thus lacks the power to even HOPE of defeating just one of them.

**Will add more rules if it so demands**


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