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The Timeline

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The Timeline

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:35 pm

A timeline of important events.

*2031 August 18th- Tessa is created.
*2032 August 22nd- Fuse consumes Alice’s home planet Kelt, forcing the girl to flee to Earth. Fuse continues to consume planets in its path.
*2032 October 7th- Holden comes under the care of The Professor.
*2040 July 7th- The Nanite Event occurs, infecting everybody on the planet with Nanites.
*2042 February 12th- After a battle with Mojo Jojo, Buttercup was knocked into the sea and went missing.
*2042 June 20th- The astrologists on the Moonbase discovered something on their radar. It was sent to Dexter, who pushed the info aside because he didn’t consider the KND’s information important.
*2042 November 12th- A piece of Aku’s fragment was discovered in the Fissure.
*2043 March 23rd- Contact with the Moonbase is lost and Fuse Begins his Invasion on the Earth began. Heroes of Earth defend it to the best of their abilities but Fuse’s infection had begun.
*2043 March 24th- Dexter calls a meeting and arranges a press conference.
*2043 March 25th- Recruits are signed up to face the war. Dexter sends Holden to install the first of the defenses on impacted areas now known as Infected Zones. Squads have been set up by Dexter.
*2043 March 31st- An initial against Fuse’s invading army had begun and The Academy had been created for new recruits.
*2043 April 1st- Fuse entraps Megas and The Dynamo in Fusion Matter. The Dynamo was shipped out to a remote location where it would not cause harm while the Fusion Matter was being removed.
*2043 April 2nd- At 3:23am, Fuse launched a surprise attack on the Spaceport, turning it into a Infected Zone rendering it useless.
*2043 April 9th- The first huge battle in the war against Fuse; Fuse did a bold move by sending a large force through the Darklands to take over Mandark’s Warship. A line was crossed at Dinosaur Pass but the forces would have been quickly overwhelmed if not for the following individuals: Samurai Jack, Connor Linus, Ben Tennyson, Tetrax, and Bubbles. They not only stopped a blow that would have harmed the war effort but increased morale at the same time. With this in mind, a channel was made for the war effort following various heroes and their activities in the war.
*2043 April 24th- Contact with the Moonbase is re-established. A rescue team is sent up to rescue the people onboard using the EVO Breach’s teleporting power amplified by one Van Kleiss’s creations. The rescue operation led by Connor Linus, rescued the KND operatives on the Moonbase, while also deleting its database in hopes of stopping Fuse from retrieving anymore data.
*2043 April 27th- Fuse uses the data he retrieved from the Moonbase to deal damage against some the KND and its villains. Striking at supposedly secret KND outposts such as the Arctic Base, as well as destroying Father and Stickybeard’s operations.
*2043 April 29th- Hoss and Eris reunite and begin dating again. Eris also promises to tone back on the chaos she caused and has joined the fight with Fuse.
*2043 May 9th- Connor and Blossom go on their first mission together sparking the first idea of coupling the heroes of the war. This increased morale so (secretly) more pairs of the opposite gender became more frequent.
*2043 May 12th- The battle of Heroes Hollow began in at 9:22am with a attack at Dexter’s carrier. Various Heroes participated in the battle but even so the battle was lost due to a system malfunction caused by the imaginary friend Cheese on Dexter’s Warship.
*2043 May 20th- The first nano appeared and Dexter began his research into nanos.
*2043 May 21st through May 28th- Dexter understood the creation process of nanos and it was quickly mass produced. The great machines was created and everyone minus EVOs, Aliens, Magical Users, and other beings with super powers could use nanos.
*2043 June 24th- Connor and Blossom officially start dating and and morale hit an all time high.
*2043 August 17th- Tessa inherits Exervent from her parents after killing them and provides the war with weapons.
*2043 - 2045- War has continued on with no sign of a winner. Fusions have multiplied by the hundreds. Heroes like Major Glory have gone missing, prompting Dexter to send warriors out to find them. Buttercup, going under the alias Belladonna after she lost her memory, suddenly regains it and returns to her Powerpuff Girl status. Holden is sent to Los Soledad to place up an infected zone shield, but is taken down by Tessa. Tessa later reveals Holden’s past and causes him to remember that terrible darkness he was in.
*2045 March 23rd- A memorial is created for the strife and turmoil that has harmed everyone in this war. To the fallen and their loved ones, a memorial was made in Hero’s Square to all who had fallen and to all who died fighting. The memorial is a scarred boulder that had protected a squad of soldiers whom their commanding officer sacrificed his life to protect them.

Current year is 2051

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