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The Alien Races

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The Alien Races

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:19 pm

Some of you might be wondering what alien races are out there and what ones can be used if that character is part human and part that.

Member made Aliens:
Keltics- Kyra's own alien species. From the planet Kelt. There are no survivors save Alice.
Angeli- Anne's own alien species. Only a few are on Earth and they are the only survivors.
Distortian- Loxa's own alien species. From the planet Distortion. Queen Loxa is from this planet.
Linphian- Loxa's own alien species. From the planet Linphea. Rosealinda is from this planet.
Suyak- Luke's own alien species. From the planet Suyak. Derek is 1/2 of this.

Canon Aliens:
Arachnichimp- Spidermonkey. Roxie is 1/2 of this.
Tetromands - Fourarms. Manny is a part of this group.
Pryonite - Heatblast. Allen is from this group.
Vulpimancer- Wildmutt. No known character is known to be this.
Petrosapien- Diamondhead. Tetrax is the only known character to be part of this group.
Kineceleran- XLR8. Helen, Manny's sister, is part of this group.
Osmosian- Kevin is in this group
Anodite- Gwen and Ben are 1/4th of this.
Galvan- Azmuth and Grey Matter.
Lepidopterran- Stinkfly.
Piscciss Volann- Ripjaws.
Galvanic Mechomorph- Upgrade.
Ectonurite- Ghostfreak. This alien race's planet was spared by Planet Fuse.
Arburian Pelarota- Cannonbolt.
Florauna- Wildvine.
Loboan- Benwolf.
Thep Khufan- Benmummy.
Transylian- Benvicktor.
Gourmand- Upchuck.
Splixson- Ditto.
Opticoid- Eye Guy.
To'kustar- Way Big.

This is a sample since we don't know much about other cross people.

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