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Techno's Index of Characters

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Techno's Index of Characters Empty Techno's Index of Characters

Post  TechnoWizROK on Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:48 am

Techno's Index of Characters

Deleting my account on another RP-dedicated forum on the count of inactivity. Just basically shipping my OCs over here, can't say for sure that'll use them.. maybe though just maybe.

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Techno's Index of Characters Empty Re: Techno's Index of Characters

Post  TechnoWizROK on Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:58 am

Sol Quill

General information

Name: Sol Quill
Nick-Names: Hot Stuff, Senior Citizen, lil' Sol
Alias: Starburst
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
Place Of Origin: Outer Space
Age: Older than the Universe.. but he's 16
Date Of Birth: Celebrates his birthday on July 1st
Appearance - Human :

Relationship information

Relationship Status: Single
coco: coco
Partner: -
Father: Star-Lord, Peter Quill
Mother Gamora
Siblings: -
Pets: Rocket Raccoon Rocket's my uncle, not a pet
Other: Uncle Groot, Uncle Drax, Uncle Adam and Aunt Angela

Personal information

Likes and Dislikes

✔ His family
✔ Power
✔ Adventure
✔ Other Infinity Gems

✘ Uncle Rocket's fur getting everywhere
✘ Mentioning 'Infinity Gauntlet'
✘ Cloudy days
Hobbies: Stargazing and dancing.


⚜ His mind isn't like most sentient life's thus telepaths have some difficulty reading it.
⚜ Doesn't get mad often, unlikely to lose temper at all.
⚜ Can survive in the vacuum of space.


☠ Trusts people too easily.
☠ Isn't worried about himself in a fight at all.
☠ Lacks knowledge about most things on Earth.

Brief Biography:
After repeated usage of the Infinity Gems, in a short amount of time relative to the grand scale of the universe, it was only inevitable that they would be destroyed. During this unprecedented cosmic event the unforeseeable occurred, a fragment of the then-shattered Power Gem had gain sentience and promptly given itself a human form. This is Sol  This is Sol and after being taken in by Star-Lord, Gamora and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy he has been raised from 'birth' by the intergalactic superhero team. And whilst only possessing an infinitesimally small portion of the Infinity Gem's power, he was still encouraged to enrol into the Academy by his adopted family when he became of age. Now he must find his purpose; either as a force of good or evil.. or perhaps neither?    

Powers and Abilities

[High Tier] Superhuman Condition - strength, durability, stamina, speed, reflexes, regeneration and dexterity
Energy Projection - ability to create simple constructs like: forcefields, boulders or blades
Cosmic Fire - ability to generate and control the fires of stars
Sub-Relative Flight - self-explanatory
Boost - access the fragment of the Power Gem to boost his powers for a short period of time

Theme Song

Theme Song: "Breathing Fire" -Wolfgang Black

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Techno's Index of Characters Empty Re: Techno's Index of Characters

Post  TechnoWizROK on Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:05 am

Name: Lobo Herrero

Age: 17

Gem: Obsidian

Power: Fire - Though he is able to produce his own fire, it tires himself out faster than manipulating already existing sources of fire so he carries his own zippo lighter around. He can control flames with ease whilst also being subject to extremely high temperature without harm. Lobo is able to form constructs with his fire; fireballs, tornadoes and even quasi-sentient beings of fire.
Lava - With the scarcity of lava above the Earth's crust Lobo is completely unaware of this power. However with this he can even survive within an active volcano without worry, something that would have been impossible with his control over fire alone.  

Bio: Lobo was born to a family of eight, even for a child he could always be found with a bright smile on his face. That was until tragedy struck when the Herrero household, save Lobo and his younger sister Clara, died in a horrible car crash. Having no other relatives to turn the two had ended up in the system and to make matter even worse Lobo and Clara were separated into different foster homes.

Lobo, the smiling child was no more and the years of suffering abuse from foster parents, expulsions from school and getting into fights have taken a toll; changing him into indifferent and cold runaway who's prone to violence.  

A month ago he found a piece of obsidian lodged right above his heart, visible on his chest. Ever since then he has been experimenting with his newfound powers, finding them quite useful during his late night escapades. Fast forward to the present and Lobo has his interest piqued by the email, with claims of knowledge on the mysterious gem.

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Techno's Index of Characters Empty Re: Techno's Index of Characters

Post  TechnoWizROK on Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:09 am

Name: Nicodemus 'Nico' Flamel
Age: 25
Birthday: July 17th


Rune Magic:

Rune Magic - Possessing a prodigious knowledge of most known runic languages, Nico can utilise multiple runic circles and arrays to accomplish various feats of magic:

  • Barriers: The overall durability of these barriers depends on the quality and complexity of the runes, on a whim using his Tattoo Magic he can block blows from conventional weapons with ease. With a pre-prepared runic array magic can withstand most high-level magic.
  • Seal: Able to seal away inanimate objects for later use, or in the case of high-grade seals the same for attacks. Often Nico would seal away his opponent's attacks, using his tattoos on his own body.
  • Limited Elemental Magic: There are runic symbols for all five main elements; fire, wind,lightning water and earth. Nico, using his extensive knowledge of runes can employ these elements (his affinity with each is weaker in the line of order: left to right) through the use of many runic tattoos across his body, even allowing for some combination attacks. However he is easily taxed using it and his control over the elements pales in comparison with a magic user who specialises with the elemental affinity.

Nicodemus's body can generate runic tattoos on a whim, producing many tattoos that enhance his body and magic. Most are temporary but there are few that are etched permanently:

  • Rune of Strength: Placed on various key points of the human body, the runes make his muscles stronger and faster.
  • Rune of Fortitude: Runic arrays painfully carved onto his bones develops the density up to staggering levels helping it become incredibly resistant to force.
  • Rune of Life: Engraved onto his very heart, granting him endurance and vitality that would be difficult to challenge.
  • Rune of Lightning: A series of runic tattoos, at the base of the skull, triples the reaction rate by superconducting the neural system.

Imperial Eye:

Imperial Eye - Hereditary eye magic granting abilities that has been passed down through the royal Flamel bloodline, which is unlocked and activated after chanting an incantation. Far more taxing on his stamina to use than Rune Magic and is more experienced with his decision to constantly use it only as a last resort.

  • King’s Sacred Commandment: Any form of Caster magic is able seen as ‘colored strands’ of intent shaping the magic and the ethernano powering it. With this ability Nico can discern different types of Caster magic with just a glance and even snap the link between intent and ethernano which causes the magic to cease be. Though this is only possible within the range of his perception and the higher level a magic is, the more strands that are needed to be broken and therefore more energy and time is expended doing so.
  • King’s Divine Judgement: Requiring direct eye-to-eye contact, the Imperial Eye can judge whether or not a person is innocent. For the guilty it induces an illusion where they relive the torment and terror they have inflicted onto others. This ability can be effectively resisted by the strong-willed or the insane.  
  • King’s Transcendant Blade: Requiring the full recital of the complete verse of incantation, it can call upon a giant building-sized sword, named 'Ea' "The Sword That Cut the World Apart", to fall from the skies onto a selected area. The impact is devastating, shaping the very earth with its power, making sure to leave nothing behind in its wake. The use of such magic leaves him completely spent of magic for a whole day.

Magic Level: A



In the midst of the power vacuum the dragons left, two noble families climbed to positions of power together, bringing order and peace to the aftermath of the Dragon King Festival. The Fiore family worked with the Flamels until the matter of the crown came into question, at first Nicodemus's ancestor was agreed upon to be ruler but then on the coronation day was slain by his Fiore comrades and his family was banished.

Five hundred years into the present and after the rise and fall of the Black Wizard, magic being forced into hiding, the subsequent hunting for magic, and countless assassination attempts, the last remaining direct descendant of the Flamel bloodline has been born into the world without lands or wealth and after a gruesome childbirth; parents. Even centuries after a broken promise there are still men loyal to the name though not for noble reasons, the faceless men that have taken on the newly-named Nicodemus Flamel are more than displeased with how magic is regarded in this time and age and wish to manipulate him to become their own puppet king. But they would be foolish to think a child with an old name would be enough to regain his rightful seat of power, they had hidden far from the eyes of the world and hired the best of tutors; educating him in languages, sciences, mathematics, politics, combat and most especially magic.

With time he grew into a man worthy of the title that is rightfully his and with that the men who took him in offered up a piece of parchment left to him from his dying mother. On it were scant remnants of his Family Words:

I am the Soul of the King
My blood is royal
And my soul is noble
Seeking what is rightfully mine
I shall transcend existence
And ascend to my divine throne
For I am the King of the Soul

With these words uttered Nico had brought upon divine judgement among the conclave of liars and manipulators, seeing them for who they really are. Uncovering their true intentions and in his rage, he had summoned Ea from the skies and demolished their stronghold to bits. As exhausted and deprived of magic he was then, with little time before the authorities would come to investigate he fled the scene, off into the shadows to rest and recover.

Now Nicodemus Flamel is set on a journey to reclaim his rightful throne through his own power. What shall lay on his path to do so?

Personality: Without question, Nicodemus’s most prominent personality trait is his ego. This is true whether it manifests itself in his “vengeful monarch” or “noble champion” modes. Though capable of kindness and fairness, he’s usually impulsive and overconfident, with little regard for the consequences of his actions.

Guild and Guild-Mark Location: -

Three Strengths:
1. Groomed to rule; skilled in diplomacy, court politics, managing matters of the state, etc.
2. Possesses an iron liver, has yet to meet anyone able to drink him under the table.
3. Displays an indomitable will by meeting his body, mind and spirit’s limits and exceeding them.

Three Weaknesses:
1. An arrogance which is common amongst royalty though he still recognises those who are well above himself.
2. Has a tendency to heavily rely on Runes before resorting to the Imperial Eye.
3. Any slip-up using Rune Magic can lead to severe magical backlash even if Nicodemus is second to none in this field of magic.

Greatest Love: Studying ancient languages and rune arrays.

Motivation: To overthrow the current ruler, gaining the throne, through his own individual power not by the machinations of others as a puppet.

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Techno's Index of Characters Empty Re: Techno's Index of Characters

Post  17th Day on Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:10 am

Your collections of characters are quite interesting but 'Nicodemus Flamel' would easily have to my favourite, I am certain that he was written for a Fairy Tail roleplay.

I actually was going to write up a character very similar to Nicodemus-extremely well versed in runes, body enhancements, an ability to unweave magic (we must have some reading material in common, does "Kaleidoscope of Magic" ring any bells?) and overall possessing a holier-than-thou attitude.

With your permission I would like to adapt Nicodemus into my own character to roleplay with, I ask this because I was bound to write something heavily resembling him and I wouldn't want to give off the impression that I was stealing your creative work for myself. Of course, keep in mind, if I would do so there will be changes made onto your character.
17th Day
17th Day

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Techno's Index of Characters Empty Re: Techno's Index of Characters

Post  TechnoWizROK on Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:31 am

Sorry but I'm afraid I'm going to have to say no but rest assured I won't take offense from the resemblance your own character shares with Nicodemus, there's bound to be similarities given our shared reading material, right?

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Techno's Index of Characters Empty Re: Techno's Index of Characters

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