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Post  Lesamuen on Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:20 am

So I was just looking through my Skype one day.

I was preparing to delete it from my computer, since I had long since fully migrated to Discord; I wanted to reminisce upon some of my older messages from years ago.

I see Zerowing's messages back in January...then I realize I completely forgot my promise to return in the Summer.

I spent the last week trying to remember what the name of it was; I even looked through Didathing's channel, The Ponderer, for some possible hints.

Yeah, I've been subscribed to him for like a year even though I watch absolutely none of his videos, as I never watch movies.

Looking at his profile, it's a bit sad to see that he hasn't posted anything since August. (But who am I to talk when I haven't done anything since Halloween last year?)

I finally realized that looking up 'Fusionfall RP' would probably have it pop up; and there it was, top link. Sucks you can't change the link, it's so arbitrary and hard to remember...

I notice a lot of things.
1. It looks exactly the same.
2. I'm still one of the top posters lol
3. Woah, my name is orange!...thought you'd have demoted me by now for being gone. That congratulations up there in News and Events is just depressing...cuz I never saw it for 9 months...
4. It's still active...? Definitely not as active as it used to be, as the last post was literally 4 days ago, but I guess it counts in my book as 'active'.
5. I finally watched RWBY so now I can participate in the 'RWBY's Officially Unofficial Topic' :D
6. Holy sheet Prof. Utonium tryharded it with that RPC bio thing

So how's FF been doing? Haven't checked up on the project.

Gawd, I'm so out of the loop now...trying to get back into this is gonna be a nightmare.

Wonder how Mandork and ya'll got past my spontaneous disappearance.

Rip, missed the deadline for the event lol

So yeah...yo vivo.

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Post  zerowing21 on Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:05 am

You can still partake int eh event, just in the present section of things.

As for FF, retro is up, but is only the future section of the game.

This stuff takes time, so ease back into things.

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