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Spiritums de Discordia

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Spiritums de Discordia

Post  youngjusticeforever on Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:08 pm

Spiritums de Discordia. Roughly translating to Spirits of Strife. Woe to all who cross these spirits, they are vengeful spirits whom will hunt you. They all serve the Demon Emperor C'vlesh, the lord of Chaos and War.

Spirits and Demons have been hunted by their mortal and angelic counterparts for years. It eventually reaches a breaking point when the Angel King, Michael, and his lieutenant, Selaphiel, imprison Demon Emperors C'vlesh and his daughter, the Demonic Countess Lilith within the ninth ring of Purgatory.

Okay, so this story is not really related to the RP...at all. It's just something I came up with. I'm accepting OCs, be they new or pre-existing. Here's a form.

Name: This can depend on your race. You won't find a demon named Michael or Selaphiel or the name of an angel. And likewise, you won't meet an angel named Lilith or C'vlesh. But a human? They could take a demonic name, or angelic name. They are much more fluid.

Species: Angel(there are 7 Archangels, who are more potent), Demon (there are 7 Archdemons, who are overall more powerful. They are called Demon Lords.), Human and Spirit. Spirits can be practically of anything, just tell me and I'll see if it'll fit. It probably will.

I'll also accept 3 Nephalem, who must be at least 3 thousand years old. Nephalem are Demon/Angel Hybrids. The war started 2 thousand years ago, but tensions started bubbling 2,700 years ago.

Nephilim, Angelic/Human hybrids are generally more creative than Angels. Cambions are Demonic/Human hybrids.

Faction: Only applicable for humans. Do you support the Demonic faction of Maelstrom, or it's inverse counterpart of Divinity, who supports the Angels? Or are you a neutral?

Appearance: WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE? For Demons, you can look like practically whatever you want. For angels, you are still capable of being very creative, but Angels typically have a more humanoid structure, but can still be monstrous (hint, they are called the Seraphim.) Humans are strictly human like, but you can have quirks like unnatural coloration or small aberrations, like if you are a Nephilim little wings, even Cambions occasionally have little bumps on their foreheads, or something similar to their demonic parent. Nephalem are completely customizable. Spirits, like Nephalem, are able to be completely customized.

Powers: There is no restrictions. Just, no angels having the power to seduce enemies, or demons using Holy Water or something. And Humans should not be as powerful as a Demon/Angel. Nephalem are able to bypass this, and can access either angelic or demonic power. Nephilim and Cambions are also slightly more powerful than there full-blooded counterparts, as they have the creativity of a human in them.

Personality: I need to know what they will act like. Be very descriptive. It's not unheard of for a Fallen Angel to happen, or even a Fallen Archangel. But it's very rare for there to be a Holy Demon. And I'm going to need extreme detail to even consider a Holy Archdemon.

Backstory: Blegh...just don't be "Oh they were alive for a long time. Now they are in the war." I need stuff to utilize.

Weapon(s): If applicable. Any race can use them.

Note: For spirits, there personalities and powers will depend on what they are a spirit of, so I'm not being restrictive. And for them, they could've literally just been made 2 minutes ago.

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Chapter I

Post  youngjusticeforever on Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:59 am

OOC: Credit to my lovely friend Ar9914 for Ahknerath, whom will proper be guest starred again. As well as Zurakia, whom he adapted to fit this dimension!verse

IC: Just like how the Angels and Demons war, there are wars within the faction.

Like how Selaphiel is the strongest of the Angels, Lilith is the strongest of the Demons. Her dark influence spirals throughout the rings of Purgatory. Each ring's ruler will obey their mother. Yes, Lilith is indeed the mother. She is the Demon Lady of Sin and the Night. Her influence is mighty, as much as her children. Yet her father is not pleased with her.

"Lilith!" C'vlesh roared, his gruesome body shifting. With blood red skin, C'vlesh's entire left arm was lobbed off by Selaphiel years ago, and he replaced it with a metallic arm. His shriveled up skin looked like it was 3 sizes too small for his body, his beady little eyes narrow and full of suspicion. He had two, shriveled up little arms near his ribs, while maggots feasted upon his decayed, powerful and massive legs.

Lilith on the other hand, was gorgeous. With skin as white as ivory, her porcelain skin had no blemishes or aberrations. Her plump, full and red lips were tilted up in a smirk, her black to golden ombre hair cascading down her back, the straight hair shimmering as she walked. Her eyes however were just beautiful. They were a violet-lavender color, slowly shifting to a light lavender color. Her black, one-strap mermaid cut dress hugged her hourglass body frame perfectly.

You couldn't even tell they were related. "Yes, daddy?" Lilith replied, sarcastically so.

"How dare you take my Orb of Ocealion?" C'vlesh boomed. Lilith rolled her eyes. Her father was so paranoid.

"Why do you think I took it, daddy?" She asked, feigning innocence. Technically, she didn't take it.

"You are the only one who would want it!"

"But I didn't take it, daddy. I have it, though." Lilith replied, rolling her eyes. Even if she was stuck neck-deep within the ninth ring of Purgatory didn't mean her children wouldn't obey her. Her darling little Abaddon would do anything she wanted.

Ah yes. Lilith had many children, but her 7 most powerful were Abaddon, Belphegor, Mammon, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Beelzebub and Astaroth. Each were the 7 Deadly Sins, in essence. Lilith sighed.

"Why did Astaroth have to pick Pride? She would've been so great as a Succubus!" Lilith pouted.

"Who took it then?" C'vlesh roared, his metallic arm making a fist.

"Mammon of course, he's Greed. But to be fair, Leviathan helped. Greed and Envy do go hand-in-hand." Lilith said, tossing the orb at her father. She yawned, her perfectly manicured nails as sharp as a knife.

"You're filthy children are useless, Lilith." C'vlesh commented. Lilith glared. "Daddy, shut up. My children are quite useful, without them Selaphiel and Michael would've killed us, you arrogant over bloated toad." Lilith said, sweetly, before frowning.

"What? That demon, Ahknerath is trying to kill Cke'otar again? Ugh. Just detain Ahknerath and have Zurakia and Abaddon talk to him. Those two are good at this." Lilith hummed, tapping her ear. That Ahknerath was being very troublesome. Even after rescuing him from the Arena he was still troublesome.

Lilith may just have to get that little issue to end.

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