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Donald Chuck - Space Chicken OC

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Donald Chuck - Space Chicken OC

Post  Donald Chuck on Thu Jul 14, 2016 12:17 am

Donald Chuck the space chicken
Age: 29
Ethnicity: Space
Race:Chicken from Outerspace
Allegiance: Neutral
Powers: He can peck you with his space beak and he has a laser gun, that's about it for this flightless bird.
Origins: Alien
Appearance: 24 inches, small beak, pure red eyes, green feathers around the face, white feathers for the neck and body.
Strengths: Is good at ranting, Small, Is pretty fast on his feet.
Weaknesses: He's pretty weak physically, He rants about Eggplants too much, He's easily stepped on.
Personality:He hates Eggplants and will constantly interrupt people just to tell them how much he dislikes Eggplants.  
History: Coming from a race of intergalactic conquers he was one of the many space chickens who were stranded on earth when a magnet pulled his ship out of the sky, when the fusion war started a fusion spawn that he confused for a Eggplant killed his father leading to him devoting his life to taking down the mutant Eggplants no matter how many times people tell him the Eggplants haven't actually done anything wrong. Donald doesn't really help out much with the fusion war as he doesn't see Fusions as the main enemies and he's very dedicated when it comes to his opinion that Eggplants are the real enemy everyone should be fighting.
Donald Chuck

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Re: Donald Chuck - Space Chicken OC

Post  zerowing21 on Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:28 pm

A gun and beak are not powers. Ranting about eggpants too much doesn't seem like much of a weakness, does it cause problems? How is ranting a strength?

So his personality are two negative traits, you need 1 more negative and 3 positives.

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