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OC #3??? Envestimum "Vest" Opianos WiP

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OC #3??? Envestimum "Vest" Opianos WiP

Post  SaintGamer19 on Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:21 pm

Name: Envestimum "Vest" Opianos
Age: 19
Ethnicity: French American
Race (If your OC is an alien): Human
Allegiance: neutral

Appearance: Envestimum has short jagged golden brown cuts of hair for bangs, and curls coming from the back of her head tied into a pony tail. She has noticeably wider hips, and a tall figure reaching 5'7". Her face is sharp around the chin and gently soft around the cheeks, giving a long look to her face. Her eyes are soft looking and gaze with irises of black. Her usual clothing is that of a tank top, shorts and longs socks though when she expects company or goes out she will frequent a mint blue summer dress.

Strengths: Envestimum possesses an uncanny ability to thread a needle, similar to that of a surgeon's. She also has extreme perseverance, allowing her to continue activities longer than most average people. Her most fierce trait is her skill of designing clothing, being able to use very impractical materials to make practical clothing (saving her a lot of money often times)

Weaknesses: Envestimum has deep anxieties of being looked down upon and considered poor, so she will quickly abandon those who soil her image, and easily fall prey to manipulative minds. She also has an unbalanced sleep schedule, which causes her to be needlessly tired most of the time, effecting her mood greatly. She also holds little knowledge of things involving weapons and sciences, making her inadequate for use in combat.

Personality: Envestimum presents herself as an aristocrat of clothing, speaking with confidence and seriousness about fashion, and holdign herself in a ldaylike manner. However, she is using this image as a front, as she feels extremely anxious about her place in the fashion industry. Envestimum is actually a very brash person who suppresses herself to appear "fancier". If it wasn't for this anxiety, she would be a very laid back but loud person, with little prejudice towards anything.

History: Having been raised in the rural countryside, Envestimum never saw much of the outside world as she helped her parents on her father's ranch. Envestimum enjoyed the lax days on the ranch but wished for more due to he rmother's parents. Envestimum's grandparents would tell her of the beautiful people in France, and the wonderful sofistication of Europe. Her parents would always roll their eyes at this, as they were born in America, but Envestimum ADORED these stories. Eventually, she began working with her grandmother's sewing kit and began making clothes for her family. Impressed, her parents tell her that some day she might become a fashion designer. This kick-started the desire to become a designer, and a sofisticated individual like the ones in her grandparents' stories. this had a rocky start, however, as she was ridiculed by her rural peers for wanting to become " fancy". Eventually, when Envestimum became 18, she left for the city in order to prove her worth in the world.
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