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Post  SaintGamer19 on Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:00 am

Name: Qery
Age: Literally ~9 year old (starting from when program was first salvaged); appears 9 years old; mentally too old (multiple PhD's worth of knowledge and mature sense of caution: possibly 30-40 years old)
Ethnicity: Robot
Race (If your OC is an alien): Alien Craft
Allegiance: Good guys
Origins: Alien
Powers: (Abilities listed involve heat insulators built into Qery. They each take up charges in the battery, ultimately reducing time that Qery can remain active without additional charges. Each Degree of ability will have an amount of time deducted from battery lifespan. A Charge is 12 hours of battery life)

1: Reactive Burn: Outer shell of Qery becomes scoldingly hot upon unwarranted touch or perceived physical threat, incapable of incapacitation but long term exposure may cause tissue damage; Power Level Low; no charge wasted; uses internal mechanical heat to power)

2: Disposal burn: One of Qery’s main functions at Providence, using both charged heat implements and pre existing mechanical heat to raise the very base of her palms to 451°; Power Level Med; consumes 1 hour of battery

3: Overclocked burn: Entire outer shell of Qery becomes ~451° (and escalating with continuous use) through forceful use of heating implements; Power Level Med; consumes 4 hours of battery

4: Nickel Core: Safeties on heating implements completely overridden, temperature escalates to a point in which most known materials on Earth will bend, melt or boil upon contact. Lasts 20 seconds before CPUs overheat and force shutdown; Power Level High; consumes 10 hours of battery.

Appearance: grey haired head band girl with pixel heart collared shirt and skirt. Wears Mary Jane shoes with socks, carries battery pack on back. (All parts and clothing of Qery are made of a type of a form conductive metal that allows heat to exit the vessel and or circulate)
I'm gonna overhaul these images at a later date, but it's like midnight and I smashed my head on a desk for like an hour drawing these so wait↓

Strengths: Heat based abilities (defensive based). Connected to Internet libraries and private Providence Libraries, allowing Qery access to phenomenal amounts of information. Robotic design renders the need for food and water unnecessary. Can fit in small spaces.

Weaknesses: Fairly short battery life of 12 hours (24 total with extended leave pack). Must follow assigned organism’s commands within certain parameters (the only parameter being 1. Will not self terminate 2. Will not kill an acknowledged human 3. Will not distribute Providence intelligence to individuals without proper clearance for specific information 4. Will not violate commands from superiors). Can not run very fast, due to very short legs. Absolutely no combative advantage based on physical stature, speed, or strength.

Personality: redesigned specifically for librarian work, Qery has a personality for the job. She loves knowledge and enjoys the culture of worlds beyond her own. She takes her work seriously, as Providence is very strict on the completion of quotas ever since she's developed a perceived motivation. She generally keeps to her own and is very sensitive, and reacts hazardously when threatened. Timid yet curios, dutiful and reserved, but most importantly she loves reading and gaining information. The easiest way to her mechanical heart is to tell stories, which she likes to record to her hard drive.

An advanced culture research droid from an unknown alien civilization hurtles through space before crashing into Providence's neck of the woods. Being a exUFO, Providence took immediate interest in the alien droid and attempted to implement it for their own purposes. Sadly, much of the alien technology was damaged, and incapable of being fixed with materials on Earth. It wasn't useless though. It's major internal Hardware was intact and thusly could be put into a new shell. The original intent when it was discovered it was a research droid was to use it for scouting, security, and espionage, but it couldn't be repurposed for anything requiring distance detection and consumed far too much power to be used remotely. Thusly it was scrapped. Until an issue came up. Software used for scanning and uploading physical documents and records was much too inefficient and was far from automatic, and Providence wanted a way to speed plans up with less manpower. Thusly, the culture research droid found its purpose. With a rig to connect to Providence's network and an exoskeleton, the droid was capable of reading and uploading books, even handwritten or damaged documents, on its own. As time went on, the droid received both aesthetic and physical upgrades, not only allowing it to dispose of sensitive documents immediately after uploading and collect articles from hard to reach places, but also making her an icon of sorts for repurposed alien technology. Her name was Qery, a joke on the questions she gave to Providence officials as she seemed to develop her own personality.

Qery’s Interior is the core remnants of her droid craft. A skull sized processing unit with strings of wires and cords coming outward was salvaged and later tested positive having awareness of its environment and adapting its software for research and analysis. It has been placed into a metal bipedal exoskeleton that has multiple layers. The first layer is a metal hull and soldering meant to hold the hardware to the frame and give structural support. This hull also takes the maximum of the stress from the heat given off by the alien hardware. The next layer on top is a metal plating meant to isolate heat. The layering over that is a metal mesh meant to give a smooth over the joints and other moving parts, preventing objects from entering the more important layers and giving joints and other weak points mild protection. The last layer is an industrial paint to keep moisture out and limit corrosion. The chest cavity of the construct has heating implements that are used to heat up specific plates. The eyes are repurposed from inspection lenses of the original droid craft, though roughly modified to function in conjunction with the non alien parts, including sliding scopes to magnify small objects (though it doesn't help with distant objects). Qery can see the same distance as a human, and the same quality of a human. Qery has a headband that links with the alien hardware. This headband is actually an advanced antenna allowing Qery to communicate with Providence and allows Providence some direct influence on the Hardware’s encrypted software. Qery’s Battery pack powers all of her functions, and contains assistive software to prevent hacking. This pack also contains Qery’s hard drive.
There is a covered opening in Qery’s battery pack, which is used to connect to a power cord inside Providence's record rooms, and to allow attachment of an extended leave battery, effectively doubling the battery life.

Do you use nanos: no

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Post  Professor Utonium on Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:17 pm

Your OC cannot be a robot. Please take a look our our Origins page, linked below, to see what race your OC can be instead of Human.


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Post  zerowing21 on Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:18 pm

She could use a few more negative traits. Also for Providence, they are into evos, the Plumbers are into aliens. Its possible they got the crash first thinking it could have been evo origin later to discover alien.

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