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Guidelines For DID Characters

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Guidelines For DID Characters

Post  zerowing21 on Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:51 pm

Alright, due to recent events, new guidelines made by Kyra and myself have to be made for these characters types.

Important: DID is a mental disorder. It is to be given the utmost respect and should not be treated like a joke. If you're going to have a character have this, be respectful to not make fun of the disorder. It is brought about by a drama; not for coco and giggles.

1) Dissociative identity disorder is caused through some kind of trauma or stress usually as means of protection of the main personality and it can not be gotten due to experiments or in some ways similar.

2) Usually with this, when the second personality takes over, the main personality will not retain memories of what happened and most times is not aware of the second personality at all. There will be blank spots within the memory of the core personality.

3) The switching of personalities can be done within seconds of one another, but they DO NOT however speak to each other. Most personalities sticks around for a much longer time however.

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