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Lucas "Przzy" VanLaufen

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Lucas "Przzy" VanLaufen

Post  przzyfied on Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:46 pm

(My first character, I tried my best lol)

Name: Lucas "Przzy" VanLaufen (nickname is explained in history)

Age: 16

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Allegiance: Heroes

Origin: Human, Male

Appearance: A 6'1'', 145 pound teen who is quite lanky. Has a very deep brown hair color, which spikes up in the front. Extremely cut legs, as a result from being a runner. Loves rocking Jeans, however sweats are more comfortable to run in. He has a fair amount of different shoes and shirts, which he likes show off. Here is a picture of him in the Character Creation Menu: http://i21.servimg.com/u/f21/19/34/17/83/lucas_10.png

1) A really good runner. Not superspeed, just like your everyday varsity cross country runner.
2) Good stamina. As a result of all the training involved in cross country, he can travel places faster and stay in fights longer than other humans could, considering he gets winded less easily.
3) A whiz at improv. Can make up jokes on the spot, most of the time to a very satisfying laugh from his peers.
4) He tries his best to be friendly, even if his awkwardness gets in the way, and always has good intentions.
5) Always running around has gotten him familiar with finding patterns in places, giving him an above average sense of direction.

1) Awkward. Very uncomfortable in social situations, which often leads to him saying the wrong thing, or stuttering. Which is how his nickname came to be.
2) Hates being under pressure. The stress and spotlight that come with it are no friend of his.
3) Very conservative when given a big task. Often when he has to handle a big task, he doesn't know where to start and takes a while to get productive.
4) No boundaries when it comes to humor. Unfortunately, being quick with a joke often means that sometimes your jokes fall flat, or straight out offend people. He has no sense of boundaries when it comes to jokes, and often gets ridiculed for "dark humor".
5) Has a hard time making decisions, especially important ones. Often times gets stuck between two choices, only to have time run out and leaving him in limbo.

Personality: At first, he just appears to be a quiet guy who likes to run. However, he is more comfortable opening up once someone gets to know him, as he only feels completely comfortable joking in front of people he already knows. He always shows loyalty and compassion to his superiors, and tries very hard to get on peoples good side, especially popular folks.

History: A young boy who grew up in his parents house in Peach Creek Estates. His father was a demolitionist that worked on construction sites in the area, most notably Delightful Developments, while his mother worked as a medic and took the SLIDER Downtown most every day. When he was 8, chilling outside with his neighborhood friends, they decided to have a race that looped through the junkyard and back. While he didn't win (he wasn't even close), he fell in love with running and strives to get better. He came up with his own routes that went throughout the suburbs and prickly pines, and mapped them all to a program he created so that he ran new and different routes every day. His nickname was given to him after coming in first in one of the local 5k races. When finishing, a group of his peers surrounded him, cheering. He meant to say "That was pretty easy", however he stuttered, and ended up saying "That was przzy eazzy". Everyone started referring to him as "Przzy", and over time, he eventually took the name on, and started introducing himself as "Przzy VanLaufen". People such as his parents still called him Lucas, and so did a few select others.
     Once the invasion began, he was already a very adept runner, and used his improved stamina and speed in order to deliver supplies to his neighbors, as well as scout out areas around his house. He did this all on his own accord, and currently has no idea what he wants to do involving the war. He sides with the heroes, as he believes only justice can stop Fuse.

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Re: Lucas "Przzy" VanLaufen

Post  Kaiser on Sun Oct 18, 2015 11:04 pm

Add a few more negative traits in his personality. It should be at least 3 positive traits and 3 negative traits.

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Re: Lucas "Przzy" VanLaufen

Post  zerowing21 on Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:19 am

Trying his best to be friendly is more personalty trait, not a strength Przzy. If you can explain how it can be one then it would pass

But how does the stress affect him with the pressure thing? Does he crack, does it lead him not being able to make a decision?

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Re: Lucas "Przzy" VanLaufen

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