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New Origins: Maledetto

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New Origins: Maledetto

Post  Kyra_Xyrespace on Tue Oct 13, 2015 7:20 pm

Kaiser's concept

The Utopia Project

In the year 2041, a full year after the Nanite Event had occured, Professor Franklin Benson Rosencrantz began researching the effects of forcibly activating nanites within certain individuals in an attempt to see if this technology could be used in order to create weapons that would bring peace to every warring nation. Through countless experiments, the Professor was able to forcibly activate the machines inside of humans' bodies by emitting an electrical current inside the person's body strong enough that the nanites activated because they believed that the person was in a near death situation. However, this artificial awakening did have repercussions. Not only would the powers be weaker than they would be if naturally activated, Rosencrantz discovered that it became twice as likely that the person in question would succumb to their nanites and lose their humanity.

Determined to find a way to get rid of this handicap, Rosencrantz continued his experimenting, eventually discovering that it was possible to enhance the abilities as well as prohibiting the berserk state mostly associated with most nanite people. By overloading the nanites' memory to the point that it believes the user is dead and in turn killing the nanites, the electrical currents cause a lapse in the person's brain that recreates a stronger version in their memory, allowing them to use the power once again.

There were downsides of course, the most prominent being that there is a 90% death rate, and it is a guarantee that the remaining 10% lose one of their five senses due to the deconstruction of his brain. In addition, as of right now, this process only works on nanites that unlock an elemental based power for still unknown reasons and transforms the person's right hand into the element (ie, fire-hand always ignited; ice-hand causes most things to freeze).

Still though, this was a major advancement in Rosencrantz' plans, and decided to name the test subjects the "Maledetto" (accursed one in Italian) for they were cursed to bring peace to a world ravaged by war, and continued these human experiments in order to stop Lord Fuse from winning the war that had occurred for five years at this point.

Maledetto basics:

- Because the professor hasn't figured out the reasoning for why it only works for certain types of EVOS at this time, Maledetto's are only able to have elemental powers at this time.

- The element that they have a power of must be an element that is actually visible (i.e wind is not allowed)

- The Maledetto has lost any one (or more) of the five natural senses (sight, hearing, taste, feel, or smell)

- They are all given a title that corresponds with a weapon as well as a peaceful concept since they are "the tools that will make the cosmos a utopia." i.e "The Sword of Benevolence"

- Right now, there are only 30 alive with around 270 of the test subjects dying for the sake of this project

- Maledettos' nanites are dead, effectively why their brains no longer work correctly, and because their nanites are dead, they are not considered EVOs.



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