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Roxie's Diary

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Roxie's Diary Empty Roxie's Diary

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 2:55 pm

This is Roxie Leeblossom's personal thoughts, do you dare to take a peek.

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Roxie's Diary Empty Re: Roxie's Diary

Post  Professor Utonium on Wed May 07, 2014 8:52 pm

Past Entries from 2045 to 2046 found here.

Roxie's Diary✿

16 May 2047

It's been a while, hasn't it? Austin and Frankie had a baby. Elexis Jade Leeblossom. He gave her my middle name because he loves me! But, that's not important. What's important is the whole disaster that happened a couple weeks ago. Apparently, some punk kids stole a mirror and hooked it up to the Great Machine and opened a portal to an alternate dimension. A flippin' alternate dimension. Vilestown. And being evil was the cultural norm there. There was an alternate, evil version of myself, and one of Amp too. Jade had one, Blossom had one, Dexter had one. And there was good alternates of the villains from our world. We had a run in with a nice Tessa, and even nice Fusions. It wasn't a fun time. I had to kill my alternate too, which was interesting. We had to spend the night there too because some idiot closed the portal. We got back home though, and I had to go to hospital. I blacked out, and I was there for like two weeks. It was lame.

In other news, mom's doing her own extreme home makeover. She's tearing my bathroom apart to redo it. It's about time. It's still messy and gross since I had to share it with Austin. I just hope she doesn't rip the rest of the house apart. She changed Austin and Maya's old room into a "guest room," but it's really just Amp's room at this point. Gavin, my duck, and Oakley, my dog, sleep in there too. 

In other, other news, Chester's mother is still breathing apparently, and she's planted herself in the old folk's home. She's full alien, and I really want nothing to do with her. I plan to visit her later today, but just to be nice. I mean, she is my grandma, I just prefer my other grandparents. The normal ones. Whatever, I guess. I'm tired of writing. I guess you'll see me in another couple of months, LOL.

Relationship Logs✿


Boomer Jojo 
So you went kind of M.I.A. for a while, huh? Still mad I can beat you at all your stupid war games? Whatever, you're lucky you're cute.

We need to go out and get me a new com, asap. We also need to buy about sixty air fresheners for your house, because it always smells there. Then again, you do live under a dump, but still. Smelly is icky.

Austin Leeblossom
Mom doesn't stop talking about the baby. She goes over there everyday, aren't you sick of her yet? 

Frankie Leeblossom
Are you feeling better? You seemed a little iffy the first few days home. Austin told me. I'm glad you made it out ok though! And that the baby is ok too!

Elexis Leeblossom
Auntie Roxie loves you! ♥ I can't wait until I can spoil the crap out of you!

I don't know where you are now, but I know you're not where you should be. Just don't cause more places to collapse, and please find a way back home before our world falls to pieces.

You're a cool fox... haha, it's funny because you're a fox. Amp thinks you're cool, so you're cool for now.

Amber Anders
I don't know you all that well, but you seem great. I mean, we were locked in another dimension for who knows how long, and we got along pretty well. Sorry about your dead alternate though...

Heather Orion
I don't know you all too well either, even though I can see your house from my backyard. I hope Buttercup is treating you ok. She can be a bit hard at times. Let's hang out sometime? You, me, the Puffs? It'd be fun!

Holden Wren
Still holding up on that baby business? Hit Austin up, he can maybe help you. Probably not.

Ace Zonara
I had a dream you killed Jade in the alternate world. It wouldn't surprise me, Mister Bounty Hunter, but you did let me off. I've got my eye on you, but you're ok.

Blossom Utonium
I'm glad you were in that world with us. It's nice to have a superhero there with us.

Fionna the Human
I'm still not sure what to think of you. If you hurt Amp, I'll hurt you.

Michael Manson
I haven't met you before. Sorry you had to meet me in such an awful time...

Jaden Maxwell
I'm not fond of you, but I glad we got you cleaned up in time. You might want to invest in a cleaner home. More indoor plumbing, maybe?

You stole from me, and that is not ok. I would of gotten you back if we weren't in that scary world. 

Rosanne Leewilting
You got what you deserve for trying to kill my friends. See you in the Underworld!

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