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OCs as Underwater Creature Things

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OCs as Underwater Creature Things

Post  Professor Utonium on Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:34 pm

I found this thing to make Mermaids/Mermen and they can be like seahorses and all that, and the dress-up game is my forte.

It's Shark Roxie, with Gavin (Clownfish) and Oakley (Dolphin), Dolphin Austin, with Elexis (The baby), and Sea Snake(?) Vashti, with Nana (the weird looking fish.)

EDIT: Did another late at night for these three. Kotomi is just a straight up mermaid while Maya is an orca. Them is an octopus type thing with two fishes to represent his other personas.


That's the link if you want it.

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