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Truemph Rozix

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Truemph Rozix

Post  KagoSEZ on Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:08 am

Name: Truemph Rozix

Age: 14

Appearance: Black hair, beige skin, and scar on his left cheek, He wears a blue, crystal armor chestplate, and brown, leather pants.

Ethnicity: White American

Race: (again) White American

Allegiance: Good guys

Origins: Human

Weapons: Dual ice hammers, that are durable, but can break.

Strengths: Truemph is extremely well in combat. He can lash out many different combos and counterattacks using his hammers. He doesn't back from a fight and he is very swifty in his attacks. His hammers do a consistent amount of damage, however...

Weaknesses: ...his hammers can break almost easily and take a while to get repaired. He is better in fighting as a team, instead of solo combat. This makes him vulnerable to ambushes.
As a result, due to mostly skipping school to fight Fuse, his academic grades have lowered drastically, making him a bit unintelligent.

Personality: He is very confident when given out orders and puts more of a straight face, instead of a smile. He gets along with most people, expect people who are full of themselves, such as Bloo.
During combat, he is very serious and may even smile to their enemies to their defeat.

History: On Earth, in an unknown polar zone, a small village lives. In that small village, there were many monuments, buildings, and a decent amount of population. Some small animals, such as lynxes, were shown in the wild, or even as pets. Truemph, who lived in a house above a snowy hill, played outside with snowballs, when suddenly Planet Fuse collided with Earth.
Many fusion matter devoured the snow, and Fuse's minions killed most people, while injured some. The poor Truemph, alone in his village, takes his father's dual hammers he has given to him when Truemph was a child to protect himself, and runs away.
Sad, and lost, Truemph decided to reside in Sector V. While he didn't have a home, he had a cabin to sleep in every day. Truemph was astounded by the KND, and decided, not to JOIN them, but to help fight Fuse with them.

Do you use nanos?: No

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Re: Truemph Rozix

Post  zerowing21 on Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:40 pm

Alright first.

One: Ethnicity is not white American, that would be something like German or English.
Two: Race would be Caucasian, African American etc.

For strengths, I would like to see that something that isn't fully combat related.
As for Weaknesses: Hammer's breaking is a fault of the weapon, not a fault in who he is.

Personality: He needs more negative traits, he has too many positives.

The history tells us nothing of the characters life and who he is. Please add more to this cuz there is barely any meat on the bone.

Sad, and lost, Truemph decided to reside in Sector V. While he didn't have a home, he had a cabin to sleep in every day. This bit makes very little sense.

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