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Christian Rodriguez

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Christian Rodriguez

Post  Ferbbat101 on Sun May 03, 2015 1:55 am

Name: Christian Rodriguez
Age: 20
Race (If your OC is an alien): Demon/caucasian
Allegiance: Are you fighting for the Good Guys? The Villains? Or are you a Neutral? Neutral
Origins: EVO, Alien, Magic User, Imaginary Friend, or Human? Half human half demon.
Powers: If you are an EVO, Alien or Magic User, please state your power and what attacks are in their coco. has the ability of fire but since his powers are corrupted he uses a staff with the ability to light both ends.
Appearance: What does your OC look like? Links are acceptable as long as the link itself is appropriate. He is six foot, wears a black hoodie, jeans and tennis shoes. he is tan and has blue eyes with blonde messy hair that goes over his forehead a bit.
Strengths: (By strength we mean are they good in any subjects or do they have any special skills. Not the physical strength of your character; 3 are mandatory) He  has knowledge in swords fighting, he has incredible accuracy, and powerful powers that are now limited.
Weaknesses: (By weakness, we mean what are they bad at, or what can be a weakness to their powers? 3 are mandatory) he is impatient, untrustworthy unless that person is a demon or a close human friend, he doesn't think when he attacks.
Personality: Impatient, mean, caring in a weird way, creative, and can be blinded easily.
History: When he was 8 years old his mother and sister died in a fire, he  devoted his life to find and destroy the arsonist. years later he finds out his sister survived the fire and has been trying to find him for 5 years.
Do you use nanos: I'm not sure if he can since he is also a demon. maybe crossed races are not allowed? I don't  but I'd be happy if he could use nanos and be human and a demon.

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Re: Christian Rodriguez

Post  zerowing21 on Sun May 03, 2015 7:19 am

You need to clean this up a bit, being impatient is a personalty trait. Explain how it would cause it to be a weakness. He needs more to personality, he's too flat. Powerful powers that are now limited aren't really a strength either. Since he is a demon with powers, he can not use nanos.

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