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Violetta Von Viola [Hiatus]

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Violetta Von Viola [Hiatus]

Post  LunaticLily on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:43 pm

(( Character is currently on hiatus ))
Name: Violetta Von Viola. ( Nicknames: Arcane, The Mage )

Age: Around 600

Ethnicity: English

Race (If your OC is an alien): HUMAN

Allegiance: Neutral, leaning torwards evil.

Origins: Magic user - Illusions


Confusing Clones: Can 'clone' herself to confuse her enemies. The clones shatter upon impact. Medium.
Teleportation: Can warp a decent distance away. Medium.
Magic Bolt: Fires a purple-blue bolt of magic at the enemy. Medium-high.
Invisibility: Becomes completely invisible, lasts for about a minute. Medium.
Magic Disk: Conjures a purple-blue magic disk that can slice through things. Medium.
Magic Fireworks: Blasts a sparking purple-blue firework at the enemy, exploding on contact. Medium-high.

Strengths: Manipulating people, Math ( Specificly Algebra. ), is very charming/charismatic.

Weaknesses: Has a fear of the dark she tries her best to cover up. Also has a terrible sweet tooth, and cannot resist sweets. She'll do ANYTHING for them. Violetta is also physically weak, as she spends all her time studying spells.

Personality: Violetta is very charming, and tends to 'turn up the charm' to get herself out of situations. She has a dark sense of humor, what most people find tragic she finds absolutely hilarious. "The difference between comedy and tradegy is wether it happens to you, or someone else". She gets annoyed whenever you interrupt her studying. Violetta gets angered easily if you insult her.

History: Violetta was a young girl when she discovered her first spellbook, at the veeerrrry back of a medieval library. The book was extremely dusty and heavy. Feeling the magical energy eminating from the grimiore, she stole the mysterious book and brought it to her house as fast as she could. The grimiore contained the basics and essentials of understanding and using magic.

For a 7 year old girl, this was all very confusing. But Violetta eventually figured it out with time. When she was 9 she finally casted her first spell, ( a minor teleportation spell that warped an apple about an inch away from its starting point ) thus making her ONE of the first humans to be able to use magic.

Throughout the rest of her childhood and early teen years she threw herself into her magical studies, her thirst for knowlege seemingly bottomless. She finally reached the end of the spellbook in her early twenties. The final page was some sort of passage, written in an ancient language. After spending hours upon hours trying to decode it, she finally came up with a rough translation. It spoke of four elements, Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire, being scattered throughout time, and that uniting them would bring about world peace, harmony, and unity. Violetta continued to read on, only to discover that the one who united them would ultimately meet an unfavorable fate.

She did not like this at ALL. All that hard work, traveling through time, and for what?! The person who united them would get nothing! Zero! Zip! Violetta vowed that she would find the elements, yes, but would use them for her own purposes. She saw the elements as tools to get what she wanted, when she wanted it. Below the prophecy was a spell.

Roughly translated, it read:
'Synchronize Longevity: Casting spell gives user increased life span.' The second she casts the spell, however, there is a loud banging at her door. Peasants with torches and pitch-forks had found her out, and were going to burn her for being a 'witch'. They dragged her from her home, and tied her to a wooden stake. Right as the fires were lit, Violetta managed to teleport out of her bindings and ran away as fast as humanly possible. Nobody has heard or seen from her..
Until now.

Do you use nanos: NOPE.

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