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Antonio "Ryder" Hoshi [Removed-cause death by sleep]

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Antonio "Ryder" Hoshi [Removed-cause death by sleep]

Post  Kaiser on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:42 pm

Name: Antonio “Ryder” Hossi


Ethnicity: Canadian-American

Allegiance: Evil

Power Origins: EVO

Weapons: brass knuckles

Appearance: shaggy black hair with orange spots, one green eye and one brown eye, black jacket over an orange shirt, black jeans, black and purple sneakers.

Height: 6'5

Strength: expert in machinery, musically inclined, ruthless aggression

Weakness: insanity, sadistic, afraid of lighting, ruthless aggression

History: Antonio was born December 13th in a small village.When he was 3, he tried to kill 4 month old and younger brother, Zane. His father Ryusei stopped him and had him taken to a mental asylum. When he was nine, Antonio broke out of the asylum and began to search for power. He came across Demongo, and in exchange for his soul to go to him directly, Antonio became more powerful and became a solider of Demongo. Years passed and when he was 15, Antonio found his younger brother Zane. These two began to fight to the death and right before he could finish Zane off, Demongo appeared to make sure Antonio wouldn't kill Zane. Being power hungry, Antonio came to Van Kleiss' castle. Van Kleiss revealed that Antonio had nanites and revealed Antonio's give him the ability to turn his skin into steel. Years have passed and mastering his nanite abilities, Antonio is ready to cause destruction wherever he goes. Not only is Antonio a destruction machine, he is also a musician, preferring the harmonica. Much like the sirens song of doom, if you hear Antonio's song, you will die.

Nanos: no

Powers:Metallic Kick- Antonio hardens his leg into steel and kicks his enemy. Level Low
Metallic Knuckle- like his other two moves he hardens his knuckle to steel. Level Low
Chest Armor- Antonio hardens his chest to steel and can take two hits. Level Medium
Steel Cocoon- Antonio turns his entire body into steel and is his ultimate defense. However he can't
move while using it and takes up a lot of energy. Level High

Let's make a miracle happen!
Let's struggle as hard as we can!
Let's give it all we've got!
Let's shine together until the very end!

- Takami Chika, Love Live! Sunshine!! season 2 episode 1: "Next Step"


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