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A Test OC to check.

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A Test OC to check.

Post  zerowing21 on Fri Apr 10, 2015 1:18 pm

Name: None
Age: 10
Ethnicity: Irish
Race Human
Allegiance: Evil
Origins: human
Powers: none
Appearance: Blue hair, green eyes. Is 7'12, weights 300 lbs, has green pants and yellow shirt.
Strengths: Is a good cook, is extremely happy, great with a chainsaw
Weaknesses: can't repair cars, has a short temper. hates lizards
Personality: Happy go lucky, short tempered person. They are also very sweet and caring to their friends, but very nasty to their enemies
History: Blank was born through a time paradox so has no history.

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Re: A Test OC to check.

Post  techee on Fri Apr 10, 2015 1:31 pm

Height and weight are not realistic to the age. Though, I could imagine the character having a genetic disposition for being tall at a very young age. Happiness is not a strength and needs to be required to change to a more relevant strength that fits the character. Short temper fits within the personality, not as a weakness. Can’t repair cars is not a very good weakness as car repairing is considered as a specialized talent that takes a long time to learn and is not a natural talent unless the character. Personality is very conflicting as there are traits that I see as opposite from each other, unless it was purposeful. I, for one, can’t see someone evil being happy go lucky and having a short temper unless they are very psychotic and can do their crimes with a smile on their face. Similar to the character being sweet to friends, but nasty to their enemies. Unless, this is purposeful for the sake of the character. The history is not really descriptive. I would like to know what caused them to go through the time paradox, even the character themselves can’t remember, what happened after they got out of the time paradox, and how they became evil. Those details are what is required in the section. This, overall, is a very bad character and I would not accept them into the OC like this.

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