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Fusion Control Virus (Event Guide)

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Fusion Control Virus (Event Guide) Empty Fusion Control Virus (Event Guide)

Post  Wonder Smash on Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:52 pm

This is a guide meant to explain how the latest RP event will work. It's not complete, but I thought I should post what I have sooner rather than later so that you guys know what's going on. I'll be updating this if issues are addressed and as the event continues. If you have any questions or comments, please post them here.

Event Summary

Lord Fuse has created a virus meant to infect everyone on Earth. However, rather than destroy humanity, he has something else in mind... Enslaving it. The virus is meant to control the minds of all it infects, causing them to decide that Planet Fusion's takeover of Earth is in their best interests, and with Dexter's unintentional help, it's been distributed across the city using a vaccine. Now that many citizens and even heroes are infected, those not under the control of the virus must unite to find a way to stop Fuse's plan or risk falling under his control themselves.

General Infection Rules

1. Characters get infected by being injected with the vaccine Dexter created under Fuse's control. The virus can't be spread in any other way.

2. If your character is injected with the vaccine, they have been infected with the virus. All living sentient beings are affected, including humans, aliens, EVOs, and even Imaginary Friends. Non-living characters such as robots and omnipotent beings such as Grim and Aku are unaffected due to the fact that they can't be affected by vaccines for obvious reasons.

3. If your character is infected, then the mind control will take effect within a few minutes to a few hours. Nothing can stop the virus at this stage, and your character will be subject to all of its effects.

4. Your character won't be able to resist any of the effects, mostly because they'll be unaware that they should be resisting it. The mind control causes them to feel as if they're acting under their own free will, with only the uninfected realizing this isn't the case.

4. Infected characters will remain infected until late in the event, if not for the entirety of the rest of it, so keep that in mind if you decide to infect your character(s). However, once the event is over, everyone will be returned to normal, so keep that in mind as well when you make your choice.

Infection Rules (Prologue)

1. There are no immediate symptoms other than the brief pain that you'd expect to have after getting poked by a needle. However, that night, those who had the flu shot ironically end up feeling ill with flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, sore throat, nausea, and an overall feeling of weakness.

Infection Rules (Act One) Current Act

1.  At this stage, it's your choice to decide whether you want your character(s) to be infected or not. You can also choose to have some of your characters be infected and others not to be. Don't worry about your characters being brainwashed forever. Since this is only an event, your characters will be normal again by the end of it. So, if you think it'd be fun to play for Fuse's side for once, this is your chance.

2. The only difference personality-wise with your character at this stage will be that they decide to side with Fuse. Of course, since the majority of characters in the RP hate Fuse, the virus will alter their minds so that they're willing to side with him. Otherwise, they're essentially the same characters.  Even normally nice characters will still be about as nice as they usual are, but the virus will still turn them to Fuse's side.

3. Appearance-wise, the only difference with your character will be that their pupils glow an unnatural shade of green. Later on, infected characters will go through bigger changes. Details about this will be revealed at a later date.

Infection Rules (Act Two)

1. More characters will have been infected by this time, and now they'll be more forceful about infecting others, so if you want your OCs to stay clean of the virus, you'll need to be more careful about who you come into contact with.

2. Infected characters will look quite a bit more obviously under Fuse's control. Parts of their skin will begin to turn pale green, and some of their other physical features will start to change to make them look more like a Fusion. The physical changes will cause the infected characters some pain and will make them more irritable. Said changes can be chosen by the RPers, and can be as minor or major as they like, but the characters should still be recognizable and retain most of their physical characteristics.

3. The personalities of the infected will start to take a turn for the worst. As mentioned above, they'll start to become more irritable due to being in physical pain. In addition, they'll become more aggressive about getting other people to take the vaccine. However, their core personality and individuality will still be mostly intact, albeit corrupted either slightly or to a great extent, depending on the preferences of the Rpers.

4. Starting in this act, infected characters will gain new abilities. See the following section for details.

Infected Abilities (Starting Act Two)

Enhanced Physical Abilities – Infected characters gain mildly enhanced strength, durability, and speed, that makes them almost as efficient as athletes. This only applies to characters who didn't have enhanced physical abilities to begin with.

Enhanced Senses – Infected characters' senses of sight, smell, and hearing improve considerably. This allows them to have a greater sense of what's around them, including sensing people up to several feet away.

Impaired Powers – This isn't so much an ability so much as an impairment of currently existing ones. Infected characters who normally have powers will have them be less effective than usual due to the virus messing with their DNA. They'll still be usable, but will put more strain on the characters than usual.

Known Infected

Dee Dee
Major Glory
Val Hallen
Professor Utonium
The Mayor
Johnny 2X4
Hoss Delgado
Numbuh 1
Numbuh 2
Numbuh 3
Numbuh 4
Numbuh 13
Numbuh 86
Numbuh 362
The Delightful Children from Down the Lane
Madame Foster
Juniper Lee
Ray Ray Lee
Scoutmaster Lumpus
Mr. Slinkman
Ben Tennyson
Gwen Tennyson
Grandpa Max
Kevin Levin
Doctor Animo
Mung Daal
Captain K'Nuckles
Zak Saturday
Doyle Saturday
Agent Honeydew
Finn the Human
Jake the Dog
Princess Bubblegum
Fionna the Human
Cake the Cat
Austin Leeblossom
Jade Maxwell
Ace Zonara
Skylar Zonara
Michael Mason

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Fusion Control Virus (Event Guide) Empty Re: Fusion Control Virus (Event Guide)

Post  xxPsyapane10xx on Sun Feb 15, 2015 4:44 pm

This might help those who'd rather listen then read.

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