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Four Reasons

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Four Reasons

Post  Kyra_Xyrespace on Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:21 am

Summary: Fuse has invaded the Earth, bringing destruction in his wake. Heroes are being plucked off the streets, and the Earth is on the brink of destruction. But four girls have banded together, determined to bring Fuse down and keep the Earth out of his reach. But these four girls combined make the unlikeliest team. Will they be enough? Loosely based on the RP.



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01 - An Ordinary Day........

Post  Kyra_Xyrespace on Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:26 am

The halls of Providence were silent, save for the lone sound of footsteps against tiled flooring in the east end of the building. The sole person walking the halls was one of Providence's very own E.V.O.s, Amber Ignis. The sixteen-year-old had just come out of her room, dressed in her normal wears and making her way to the mess hall to get some breakfast. As she was passing by a random hall, a shadow jumped out from the opening, heading straight for Amber. Amber paused in her stride and closed her eyes. She waited a couple of seconds before turning and delivering a kick into the figure's stomach. She pulled her leg back and performed a roundhouse kick, hitting the figure in the head and sending them flying into the wall. She placed her leg back down on the ground and regarded the individual in a bored manner.

"You and your brother have yet to successfully sneak up on me, Rex," Amber said to the beaten teen. "Why do you continue to do this every morning?"

"Practice. You know, to keep you on your toes," Rex responded, getting to his feet and swiping off imaginary dust on his jacket. "Plus, I'm getting more evidence that you're Six's daughter."

"You've met my parents," Amber responded flatly.

"Cover story," Rex countered, waving his hand in dismissal.

Amber rolled her red eyes at the delusional world Rex was obviously living in and simply went back to making her way for the mess hall. She didn't bother giving him a farewell since the teen would meet up with her in the mess hall. Bobo, who had been watching from the hallway Rex had attempted to ambush Amber from, walked over to his friend, laughing.

"You should really give up, pal. You're getting more bruises from that girl than from Van Kleiss and his goons," Bobo said.

"Nah, I'm good. She's stopped burning me after the fourth time," Rex responded with a shrug.

"Whatever," Bobo replied with a roll of his eyes. "Some chow sounds good right about now. Let's get going before those masked agents eat everything up."

"Yeah, I'm down for some food," Rex said. "Let's grab Kyara first. She's probably up by now."

Bobo nodded in agreement and followed after his friend, his mind already planning out what he would be having that morning.

Amber had hung back a little after pummeling Rex to see his response to his monkey friend, and it made her shake her head with a tiny sigh. If it wasn't for the fact that she'd seen him in battle, she'd honestly question on why he was Providence's secret weapon. Not wanting to get discovered, the teenager continued for the mess hall, planning to have a simple meal and then begin her training session.

Today would not be any different from any other day.
Ariana was walking through her suburban neighborhood when she noticed a familiar person at the edge of the neighborhood, known as Hero Square. In the middle of this area was a memorial made of marble, and in the shape of a pentagon. Floating in the center of the memorial was a book made of stone, with unknown writing on stoned pages. On the five points of the memorial were five statues, also made of stone. Starting from the point in front of the book (and going clockwise): A bear wearing a hat, collar, and tie; a horse wearing a hat and bandana and holding a guitar; a cave-man wearing simple shirt and tie; a cat wearing a vest and hat; and a dog with a collar bearing the initials SD on the tag. No one knew who they were, but because the memorial had been in the town since before the neighborhood was known (and because these statues bore a similar image upon five obelisks throughout the world), everyone assumed they were heroes from another time, and so the square the memorial was grounded on became known as Hero Square. She made her way towards the figure.

"Hey Uno," Araian called to the boy once she got closer. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Zenworth," Numbuh One greeted, glancing over his shoulder. "Wandering around?"

"It's rude to not answer me, considering I asked you a question first," Ariana stated, coming to a stop beside the Kids Next Door operative.

Numbuh One snorted and looked back at the memorial.

"I don't think I'm forced to answer that question, teenager," Numbuh One mocked, although it wasn't done in malice; he even had a smirk on his face.

Ariana rolled her eyes at the boy and crossed her arms. She looked at the memorial before her eyes trailed upward into the blue sky. Noticing where she had placed her attention, Numbuh One followed suit and stared at the cloudless sky. Despite their age difference, the two humans actually got along well with each other whenever they came across each other. It was primarily due to a person who they had in common. Said person in common was somewhere out in space, probably not even in their solar system. It was a little sad for them to think about, actually.

"Don't worry," a voice from behind them said, making the two look over their shoulders. "He'll be back."

"Maurice," Ariana said in greeting, turning her body so that she could see the teenager better and placing a hand on her hip. "Reading minds now?"

"Reading body language," the Teens Next Door operative responded with a smile, stopping a few feet from the other teen. "It was easy to tell what you two were thinking."

"Is everyone curious about the memorial today?" Numbuh One asked.

"No. I'm just curious on why you're curious about it," the purple-haired girl responded to the kid. "And Maurice, isn't it dangerous for you to be seen with us?"

"It would be, if it wasn't for the fact that all Teen Ninjas are in Downtown for some sort of convention," Maurice replied. "So for a few hours, I'm free to hang around with you two."

"Well so long as your cover isn't blown," Ariana responded, turning her attention onto Numbuh One. "Also, answer my earlier question baldie."

Numbuh One glared at her from behind his tinted sunglasses for the nickname, but she ignored the glare and just raised an eyebrow at him.

"Numbuh Two wants to design a series of zip lines from the Treehouse outward," Numbuh One responded, turning his attention onto the memorial once more. "This spot just so happens to be one of the landing areas."

"Zip lines? Seriously?" Ariana questioned in a deadpan-tone of voice. "Don't you have something more serious to work on?"

"When I want your criticism, I'll be sure to send you a request," Numbuh One responded. "Now move. You're standing where the landing platform will be placed."
"Alice Spacebyte! You open this door right now!"

Double-Dee, who had been outside of the Cul-de-Sac looking for spare parts for Eddy's latest scheme, paused in his search when he heard a person yelling at one of his fellow neighbors. Looking over in the direction it was coming from, he found Roxie Leeblossom standing at the front steps of the Spacebyte home, glaring up at the second story. Feeling someone staring, the older girl turned and caught sight of Double-Dee.

"Hey sockhead! Get over here!" Roxie ordered. "On the double!"

He was a little shocked that Roxie would even address him, considering how little they talked to each other. He'd seen her from time to time, whenever the Leeblossoms would visit the Spacebyte household. Other than that, Roxie never made any conscious effort to greet Double-Dee or go out of her way to talk to him; he didn't either, but only out of fear because the half-alien woman scared him. At the intensity of her glare, he found himself practically running over to the other side of the road, fearful of her rage should he disobey her.

"My cousin says you're pretty smart, so find a way to open this door," Roxie ordered with no attempts at a proper greeting.

"Don't you have a spare key?" Double-Dee asked before he thought better of it.
Instead of lashing out at him, Roxie simply shook her head.

"No, the family never thought we'd need one up until now," Roxie answered, and for a moment, Double-Dee thought he heard a touch of sadness in her tone. "She hasn't been responding to any of my calls and she's refusing to open the door. I need you to get me inside so I can make sure she hasn't gone and hurt herself."

"She would never-" Double-Dee was cut off by the sound of the front door opening.

The two watched as a teenager slowly poked her head out, and the two couldn't help but gasp in shock when they saw her.

"A....Alice?" Double-Dee questioned.

The girl in question clutched her other arm tightly with her hand. Her blue eyes darted to stare at a patch of grass on the front lawn, completely avoiding her two visitors that were continuing to stare at her in shock.

"Alice, when did you dye your hair and get contacts?" Roxie asked after finding her voice. "I mean, sure you pull off the look really well-"

"I... didn't."

"Come again?" Double-Dee requested.

"I...." Alice paused and bit her bottom lip before turning her eyes on them. Instantly, they noticed how watery her eyes were. "I didn't change them."

"What do you mean? You had brown hair and gray eyes a week ago," Roxie explained. "Now you've got a matching set of blue. How was that not a change?"

"I didn't dye my hair......or get contacts," Alice responded cryptically.

"Huh?" her two visitors questioned.

"I......I'm an alien," Alice responded.

Roxie blinked before sighing.

"Is that all?" Roxie asked. "I thought it was going to be something more dramatic, like you were pregnant or something."

Double-Dee and Alice wore matching looks of shock, and even had the same red tint on their cheeks.

"Why would you even suggest such a thing!?" Double-Dee sputtered.

"Because it's more dramatic than being an alien," Roxie said with a shrug.

"How can you even say that?!" Double-Dee demanded.

Roxie raised an unamused eyebrow in his direction and pointed to the spider-monkey legs that were sprouted from her back. The legs, in turn, waved at Double-Dee. Double-Dee blinked, realizing that he was talking to a girl who publicly showed off her half-alien heritage and announced it every chance she got. Obviously, the revelation that her cousin was an alien wouldn't really faze the girl one bit.

"Oh right," he muttered.

"C'mon Alice!" Roxie said, marching up onto the porch and grabbing the girl's wrist. "We're going to the mall."

"Huh? Why?" Alice asked, being forced out of her stupor by Roxie's actions.

"Because shopping always makes me feel better when I get into a mood, so we're going shopping," Roxie reasoned, walking past Double-Dee and giving him a half-hearted wave. "Don't wait up sockhead."
"Bloo!" an angry voice cried out from within the Imaginary Friends residence. "Get back here you pint-sized creep!"

"Pint-sized? Who're you calling pint-sized siste-WHOA!" another voice cried out.

Mac, who had been chasing after the two people, came to a stop and panted, attempting to regain his breath. He resolved to get into shape because having to fight for his breath after running around the house was ridiculous. Once he felt like his lungs had enough oxygen again, he looked into the room that his two friends had run into. His best friend was currently being stepped on by his other best friend.

"Hand it over, play-doh," the pink-haired girl demanded.

"I just wanna add some color. Everything looks better with color," the blue Imaginary friend countered.

"No!" the girl snarled, pushing her foot on the goo-y friend. "That's not yours to destroy. Now hand it over!"

"But Ky~ra," Bloo whined.

"No, 'but Kyra' me," the girl snapped. "Hand it over."

"Fine," Bloo sighed dramatically, throwing the book away from him. "There, happy?"

Kyra glared at the Imaginary Friend, but let up on him and went to retrieve her book. She swiped it, lightly dusting off the cover it like she was trying to get rid of Bloo's fingerprints from it. Once positive she had cleaned it up enough, she turned and glared at the offending friend. With Mac's help, the Imaginary Friend was back on his feet.

"Touch it again and I'm going to make you regret it," Kyra warned, pointing a finger in his direction.

Bloo's response was to stick his tongue out at the girl. The simple action made the girl's blood pressure rise another level, but before she could exact her revenge on the Friend, Mac stepped between the two, placing up his hands in a gesuture of conciliation. This was a well-practiced motion for him, especially when it came to this type of situation.

"Let's calm down," he said in a soothing tone of voice. "I don't think Madame Foster would be pleased if you two destroyed her house."

Kyra blinked before sighing and nodding her head. Her entire posture relaxed, and she folded her arms against her chest, gripping her book in a lazy-manner. The fire in her green eyes died down, indicating that she was no longer aggressive.

"Yeah, guess you're right," she agreed. "Just don't touch my book again."

"Why are you so touchy with it?" Bloo questioned. "It's just a stupid book. It's not even a comic book."

"This 'stupid book' is my parent's personal journal on everything to do with the medical profession," Kyra responded. "I've been studying it ever since I was eight."

"Because you want to be a doctor, right?" Mac asked, even though he knew it was the right answer.

Kyra nodded.

"Yeah," she answered. "The Offworld Plaza Hospital won't let me help out or even learn with them, and the KND already denied me entry since I didn't want to actually join them. So this is all I have in order to get ahead in medicine."

"That sounds like a snore-fest," Bloo commented, getting an irked look from the girl.

"How about we play some video games?" Mac suggested, just to switch subjects and move onto a more agreeable one.

At the mention of video games, both Kyra's and Bloo's eyes lit up, and Mac knew he had successfully avoided another world war.



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