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Techee's Event Ideas

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Techee's Event Ideas

Post  techee on Tue Oct 21, 2014 6:03 pm

I will compile a list of all of my event ideas for the RP right here. As I develop more ideas, I will edit this thread and make a notification on here.

Summary of Event
Savage Fusion Land
A strange cloud covers the entire area, causing all the electricity to go out including all com devices. This causes chaos all over. Eventually, it leads to a more barbaric landscape. There's also a war that breaks out in all of this because of certain disagreements and such with a leader on each side. Scientists are trying to figure out what the cloud is, how it was made, and how to clear it.
A small handful of people are put into a locked room. The key: get out. They manage to get out of the room, but only to find that the front door is locked as well. This makes them have to go through more locked doors and solve the puzzles of the mansion.
Underwater Sea Adventure
Jade takes a small group of people to a shipwreck adventure under the sea. Once started, the crew faces off against many things like sharks and rival treasure hunters, among other difficulties and problems.

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