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Zane Hoshi [Hiatus]

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Zane Hoshi [Hiatus]

Post  Kaiser on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:36 pm

Name: Zane Hossi



Allegiance: Heroes

Power Origins: Human

Weapons: Switches between an orange and white sword.

Appearance: Long white hair that just goes over his ears, green eyes, occasionally wears a white headband as well as a black arm sleeve, the colors he usually wears are black, green, and red.

Height: 6'2

Strength: He has high endurance, he's capable of making strategies, and he is a decent cook.

Weakness: Zane has a fear of heights, is horrible when it comes to directions, and is a closed person.

Personality: Zane is pretty childish for someone who's around the age of an adult ( an example being that he still has childish reactions to when someone destroys one of his plushies). He also is forgetful, so many people's first impression of him is that Zane is an coco. However, he actually is pretty smart, he just likes setting people's expectations low so that they can be shocked when they realize how smart he really.  

Zane is one who doesn't like to start fights, however he will fight if someone instigates it. He is still haunted by the memory of Vilgax destroying his childhood, so when he sees someone that reminds him of the alien, he gains a nasty streak where he isn't afraid to just attack the person.

He is a nice person though, and is usually a mellow and lazy guy. Unless he's getting paid for it, Zane will usually try to get out of doing any work, and he will do that sometimes even when he would get paid for it. That kindness also carries over to how he feels about the people close to him. He is very protective to them, as he only has a few people he can say that they are important to him. In the case of his sister, he is overprotective to the point of annoyance, but he is only like that because he loves her almost as much as his girlfriend, and regrets not being able to be her big brother when she was in England.

Zane is also a big fan of music. He tends to listen to Alternative and country, but he isn't afraid to go into Soul music. The only person that he loves every one of their songs is Sonia Stratum. That love gets on the levels of fanboyism, as his basement was full of merchandise for her. His love for her music annoys every person around him, his sister being the main example.  

History: Zane Hoshi was the second born child of Ryusei and Scarlet Hoshi, entering the world on August 4th. His original home as well as his parents were taken away from him when Vilgax destroyed it. He went place to place, and had a fateful encounter with Demongo, doing something he did not know at time to him. Months after he met the Soul Collector, he came across Orchid Bay. There he met Juniper Lee, who would become his closest friend. He loved the people he met, but he just didn't feel that the city life was meant for him, so Zane moved to the Cul-De-Sac a year later. To this day, he lives there and recently, his little sister moved in with him.  

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