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Maya Leeblossom [Professor's][Removed]

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Maya Leeblossom [Professor's][Removed]

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:34 pm

Name: Maya Leeblossom (Goes by surname "Green")

Age: 16

Ethnicity: White

Race: Half Human/Half Arachnichimp

Allegiance: Neutral. Leans more towards Villains

Origins: Alien/Human

Powers: Maya has similar powers to Roxie, being able to shoot spiderwebs, and climb walls/walk on ceilings.

Appearance: Maya is the average height for a teenage girl, with short, blond hair. Maya has a scar on her right cheek from a fight with Ace of the Gangreen Gang. She wears one of Ace's Jackets that has four tears in the back to allow her four purple spiderlegs to be free. She also wears a mini-skirt with a tear in the side, and a men's pair of boots. She wears a white undershirt that is bloodstained on the stomach.

Strengths: Maya is ideal for hand to hand combat, and knows how to wield a knife. Since Maya was basically raised on the streets, she knows her way around town, and the perfect route to avoid police stations, and most places where the heroes go to meet up, such as the City Station and DexLabs. She lays low, but still keeps an eye on the current events, then reports back to the Gang.

Weaknesses: Maya's spiderlegs are still unstable and she hasn't taken full control of them yet, leading them to leak webs sometimes. Maya doesn't produce as much webs as most Arachnichimps, and this can lead to a lack of protection in battle. Maya also is terrible at keeping her mouth shut, which can lead to fights. She also cannot swim.

Personality: One could say Maya is the embodiment of bossy. If you're around Maya, it's her way or no way. She refuses to be kind to anyone except the Gangreen Gang, who are like her family. Due to being raised by them, she is extremely street smart. She also keeps all her emotions bottled up, since she believes it would make her look weak if she cried whenever she wanted to. Maya is also unsure about everyone she meets, and cannot trust simply anyone. During battle, she likes to make rude remarks and tease. She is also a narcissist.

History: Would you believe me if I said that while the Gangreen Gang were trying to destroy the Powerpuff Girls, they were also taking care of a little girl? Well, it's true. Maya Leeblossom is the daughter of Chester Leeblossom and his mistress, Marian. After Chester left Kotomi, he had another daughter, and didn't run out this time. The couple and Maya lived in a small apartment in Townsville before the accident. Chester and Marian were killed on impact during a terrible car accident. Maya survived and was sent to live with her godmother in Bellwood. When Maya was six, however, her godmother died, and she was alone yet again. Social services were sent out right away to pick up the child, but the Gangreen Gang decided to ransack the house, since it was supposed to be empty. Snake accidently stumbled upon Maya, and Ace noticed her spiderlegs, which shot spiderwebs everywhere once Snake found her. He hatched a plan to use this girl against the Powerpuffs, so the Gang took Maya with them and started raising her. They were gone by the time social services showed up.

Maya was raised as a menace. A young girl to wreck havoc in Townsville unnoticed. Their plan worked. By the time Maya was ten, she was helping the Gang in their devilish activities. To make matters worse, Maya was a premature alien. Completely unstable. Completely destructive. Maya started to branch away from the Gang when she was 13. Instead of sleeping in allys with the Gang, she took shelter in a foreclosed house in Bellwood, that was still completely furished. The Gang visited all the time, tearing the place up while they were at it, and Maya did vise versa. Maya would also go watch Ace's band, which consisted of the Gang and Ace's girlfriend, BellaDonna.

Once the war started, Maya befriended BellaDonna, one of Ace's new band members. The two became close friends. Maya is unaware of her Powerpuff Girl rank. She believes BellaDonna went missing and could quite possibly be dead.

Maya is completely unaware that Roxie and the rest of the Leeblossoms exist, and wants nothing to do with any family, since she belives they'll just die on her like the others.

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