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Tamora Taylor/Wonder Wasp (On Hiatus)

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Tamora Taylor/Wonder Wasp (On Hiatus)

Post  Wonder Smash on Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:56 pm

Real Name/Superhero Name: Tamora Taylor/Wonder Wasp

Age: 14

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Race: Human

Allegiance: Hero

Origins: Human

Powers: Technically, Taylor doesn't have any 'real' powers, but she uses a variety of gadgets of her design to fight.

The Exoskeleton – Taylor's name for the Wonder Wasp armor. She built the suit herself to help her fight against Fuse. In addition to having various weapons listed below, it also enhances her physical abilities. The armor gives her minor super strength, and it's also highly durable, so it can take a lot of damage for her. On the negative side, it slows her down a bit on foot, being lightweight for super armor, but still heavy enough that it requires some effort on her part to move quickly.

Exoskeleton Helmet – Taylor's helmet was designed to somewhat resemble the head of a wasp. Aside from that, it provides her with several functions, including a heads up display, a targeting system, and a built-in radio. It's also equipped with a program that acts like corrective lens', allowing her to use the armor without her glasses.

Palm Stingers – What Taylor considers to be her 'signature weapon'. Both of her palms contain compartments that can fire up to dozens of small artificial stingers at her opponent within the span of a few seconds. These stingers not only resemble those of wasps, but they also contain venom from the insects, albeit smaller doses to avoid unintentionally killing someone. They still hurt like the real thing, though, and will cause a severe allergic reaction in someone with an allergy to the toxin.

Hidden Stingers – Hidden weapons that Taylor built into various parts of her armor in case of emergencies. They're essentially her palm stingers, wasp venom included, but meant to be used when she's in close combat and needs an element of surprise. They can extend and be retracted at will, and are in clusters of about a dozen. They're built into her forehead, fingertips, elbows, kneecaps, heels, and toes on the armor. This is also the only weapon she has in her normal outfit, though in this case they're only built into her kneecaps, heels, and toes.

Wrist Claws – Taylor has two metal devices, one on each of her wrists, that can extend and turn into stinger-like claws. She can change how sharp they are, from acting more like battering weapons to being sharp enough to cut through strong rope and dent metal.

Sting Blaster – Another weapon built into the palm of Taylor's glove that fires a laser beam that can cause minor burns and hurts quite a bit. It's not powerful enough to cause any permanent damage to a person, but it may stun them due to the pain.

Stinger Grenades – Small devices that Taylor carries in one of her armor's metal pockets that, as the name implies, act like explosive grenades. However, the explosions they cause are fairly small, and the usually fatal shrapnel that comes out of most grenades is replaced with Taylor's trademark stingers that, while painful, merely incapacitate her opponents. She carries a limited amount with her, usually around five, due to the space they take up and how difficult they are to create.

Wasp Wings – What would a wasp-themed superhero be without wings? These wings are artificial, of course, built into her armor. They also look a bit different, as they're more metallic-looking. In terms of function, they have miniature rocket boosters that allow them to propel Taylor through the sky at at a relatively fast pace. Not fast enough to keep up with the PowerPuff Girls, but she could keep up with a flock of birds if she wanted to.

Appearance: Taylor has somewhat long black hair that's usually tied into a ponytail, and she also has standard-looking eyeglasses that she almost always wears outside of her armor. The outfit she usually wears when not in her Exoskeleton armor includes a plain green T-shirt, common blue pants, and black tennis shoes. She also wears these same clothes under the Exoskeleton.

The Exoskeleton itself is modeled after wasps and similar insects, and fittingly has a black and yellow color scheme. The helmet is mostly yellow, but there are two black spheres that look like cartoonish-looking eyes in front that also act as cameras that allow her to see, as well as artificial antennae that don't really serve a purpose aside from appearance. The torso is about half yellow and half black, with the yellow having black stripes on it. (Or does the black have yellow stripes on it...) Her arms are yellow, with black gloves, while her legs are black, with yellow shoes. Her wings are a metallic gray, and resemble those a wasp has.


1. Taylor is highly experienced in robotics, so much so that she rivals professionals much older than her. She can build various things, if given enough time. She also has some experience in biology and chemistry, though only enough that she can extract wasp venom and use it in her weapons. She's also very intelligent for her age in general.

2. Taylor has some combat training that helps her if she has to fight without her armor. She's not an expert, but she'll still be able to defend herself fairly well against minor threats using hand to hand combat. She also knows how to use rifles and swords if she has to use them.

3. Taylor tries to prepare herself for nearly any situation she can think of, and make gadgets designed for those situations accordingly. Because of this, she has a tendency to create new gadgets frequently, and she's often ready for many different scenarios.


1. Taylor suffers from a couple different allergies. One is a pollen allergy, which, while not too serious, can still make her feel sick and hinder her effectiveness. Her second allergy is far more serious, an allergy to the stings and poison of bees, wasps, and similar insects that actually has a danger of severely hurting or even killing her if she isn't careful.

2. Due to the aforementioned allergies, Taylor has a fear of bees, wasps, and some other insects. She has to practically force herself to collect wasp venom when she needs it, and even then only does so when all of the necessary safety precautions have been taken.

3. Taylor is very paranoid. She doesn't truly trust anyone, even her friends. She generally assumes that anyone could turn against her at any given moment, and formulates plans and creates gadgets specifically designed to take them down if they do turn against her. This paranoia also means that she tries to keep her superhero identity a secret to everyone.

Personality: Taylor is a loner, and prefers to keep to herself. She doesn't usually socially interact with people who she doesn't already know unless they come to her. However, she's friendly to people who she knows, albeit, as mentioned above, she doesn't really trust even her closest friends. She also has a good sense of humor, and jokes around often, but sometimes unintentionally takes said jokes too far.. Taylor also has a bit of an ego, and has a tendency to brag about her accomplishments sometimes. She prefers being referred to by her last name, Taylor, rather than Tamora.

History: When Taylor was younger, she ended up knocking down a wasp's nest, which angered the colony inside and nearly killed her due to her previously undiscovered allergy to the insects. She was understandably traumatized by the incident. Aside from that, her life had been mostly uneventful until some Fusions nearly killed her and her parents. Afterwards, she decided to fight back by building a suit of armor to fight against the invaders. She themed the suit after her fear, mainly wasps, because she felt that the insects were all but universally feared, and that it would possibly scare even Fusions. Now that the Wonder Wasp Exoskeleton (her name for the armor) is complete, she plans to become a superhero and help fight against Fuse.

Do you use nanos: No

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Re: Tamora Taylor/Wonder Wasp (On Hiatus)

Post  zerowing21 on Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:07 am

You out did yourself on this smash. The paranoia thing might not be considered one, but I'm good with it. The personality seems good so do the weapons, I'll approve.

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Re: Tamora Taylor/Wonder Wasp (On Hiatus)

Post  Mr.Didathing on Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:26 am

I dig it. I'll approve as well.

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Re: Tamora Taylor/Wonder Wasp (On Hiatus)

Post  Kyra_Xyrespace on Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:38 pm

The paranoia weakness was very well thought out because it implies a lack of trust, which, if I was in a war with someone, I would want their trust and to be able to trust them.




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Re: Tamora Taylor/Wonder Wasp (On Hiatus)

Post  techee on Sun Aug 03, 2014 2:29 pm

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. You thought of everything and everything was well detailed. This is exactly what I'm looking for in a character sheet. I also find it ironic that she's allergic to bee stings and afraid of wasps since her superhero identity is that of a wasp. I'm going to accept her.

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Re: Tamora Taylor/Wonder Wasp (On Hiatus)

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