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Jyrix Fizzlok

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Jyrix Fizzlok

Post  LunaticLily on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:30 pm

Name: Jyrix Fizzlok
Age: 300 ( Appears/ is physically 18. )
Race (If your OC is an alien): Full Demon
Allegiance: Neutral
Origins: Demon
Powers: Wields a giant scythe. coco N SLASH EVERYTHING RAWR.
Spoiler: show

Strengths: Acrobatic, can juggle pratically anything, can make balloon animals.

Weaknesses: Has trouble taking serious situations seriously, can't keep secrets, and flips out if you insult her jokes.

Personality: Jyrix is masochistic, and likes it when you hit her, slap her, insult her, stab her, the list is endless. Just dont insult her jokes. Then things get violent.
She is, suprisingly, a rather bright and cheery demon, and takes her job as the jester of the Royal Demon family seriously.
Jyrix is annoyed by humans, but tries to atleast tolerate them. She is fine around other demons, but a little skeptical of half demons. Half demons will need to earn her trust. Jyrix is a goofball, and has difficulty taking some situations seriously, and sometimes makes jokes at the wrong times. She is very skilled at the kazoo, and has a fairly impressive marble collection that she will drone on and on and on about for hours.

History: Being in the entertainment buisness runs in the Fizzlok family. Her father was a comedian, and her mother was an actress. Jyrix, showing a talent in acrobatics and several carnival-themed skills (Juggling, ballon animals, ect ) decided to become a street performer. She was right in the middle of jugging several small demon children when Javerick, who was wandering around looking for someone to flirt with, saw her amazing juggling skills and offered her the job of the Royal Jester right then and there. Jyrix stayed behind when Javerick left with his wife and daughter left for Earth, but recently decided to follow after them after growing bored and curious as to what Earth was like and what Javerick and his family were up to.
Do you use nanos: Nope.

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