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Grey Anders [Matt's]

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Grey Anders [Matt's]

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:29 pm

Name: Grey Anders


Ethnicity: Caucasian

Race: Human

Allegiance: Neutral

Origins: Human

Powers: N/A

Weapons: Katana

Appearance: Grey is about 5'9. He wears a black hoodie and tattered jeans with sneakers. Grey has gray hair and had gray eyes resembling his mother. Grey is thin and has a small frame.

Strengths: Grey is very agile, also causing him to be quicker. Grey can be very stealthy and can steal thing with ease. Grey can also lie very convincingly. Grey can think very strategically and quickly.

Weaknesses: Grey isn't very strong, and Grey doesn't think his plans through all the way. Grey is very klutzy. Grey can get very greedy and steal from people, even if they are his friends them, usually resulting in him be untrustworthy. Grey can't take much a hit either, his body is pretty weak and coco can break easily.

Personality: Grey is very stealthy and sarcastic. Grey is very greedy and steals alot, his train of thought has always "The more you steal, the longer you live". Grey is always afraid of being alone, he doesn't care about much except for his own survival. Grey is very inconsiderate of other's feelings and opinions, and he is very social, due to fact he hates being alone. Grey also developed other skills to help him get by, such as forgery, hiding, and technological skills (With computers and other electronics). Grey can think very rash and quickly which can ruin his plans, a trait he shares his sister. Grey is also distracted very easily, he also has ADHD

History: Grey is 17 years old living in Endsville, Grey was born on May 29th 2028. Grey shares the same father as Amber. Unlike h half sister, Grey is all human, while Amber is half. Grey's father remarried after Amber's mother died. She then had Grey. Grey's mother died in 2034 and his father only a year later. He and Amber were orphans, he was 5 at the time and he and Amber were in an Endsville Grocery Store. Amber went to get something out the aisle, leaving Grey alone. Billy and Irwin, on each other's shoulders hijacked the cart and drove Grey back to his and Billy's neighborhood. Grey lived alone for most his life, he hated it, he wished Amber had never left him, he felt abandoned and causes him to not care for anybody. Grey attended Kindergarten, while learning to write, he also taught himself how to forge signatures. Grey used this skills for report cards, field trip signups and other things requiring a parent signature. Technically, as a request from Ghastly, Con Carne had paid the rent for Amber to move into when she was 18. The house was thought to be empty and Grey to be the care of Ghastly. Grey still needed to pay for food and other necessities, plus some other stuff such as his Katana (Which Grey claims he bought, and didn't steal) and video games. Grey found that stealing was the best way to get the money for this, while he was young, Grey would pretend to be defenseless child, then steal from the couple that he was with. After that, Grey would go to the store and steal candy, which he would sell to the kids at the school. During this time, Grey developed a strong friendship with Billy and Irwin, despite the fact they're the reason Amber was raised by Ghastly. Grey may have been a genius when it comes to deceiving people, but he wasn't really that good in school, earning a D or C average throughout his Middle School and early high school years. Grey believes in survival of the fittest, also he follows his motto "The more you steal, the longer you can live". When Grey was 16, Amber was 18, after living 11 years on his own, Amber had returned home. Grey wasn't sure weather to cry or punch her in the face, either way, he was glad she was back, Amber became his legal guardian.

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