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Amber Anders [Matt's]

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Amber Anders [Matt's]

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:26 pm

Name: Amber Anders

Age: 19

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Race: Crentori/Human (Description of the Crentori after history)

Allegiance: Neutral

Origins: Crentori/Human

Powers: Telekinesis,

Attacks: Levitation of items(Low)

Weapons: Wrench, Planetary Missionary

Appearance: Amber is about 5'11", She has a pair of Blue Goggles on her head. Amber also has long Blonde hair with gray tips on the ends. Then she has light brown eyes and wears Girlish T-shirts, Sweat pants and Sneakers. Also Amber also keeps a wrench handy as a weapon and when she's working.

Strengths: Amber quick at thinking, She is good at maintaining machines and creating them, She has had a lot of experience on Hector Con Carne's island working as a mechanic.

Weaknesses: Amber has telekinesis, but even lifting a wrench for a few seconds can tire her out easily and she could have blackouts after long-term use of her powers. While she can work efficiently and create machines, They tend to fall apart after few uses. Amber has short-term memory loss, causing her to forget things quickly which can usually get her in a tight spot.

Personality: Amber is very obedient and efficient when creating her machines, yet they don't last as long as intended. Amber is very sarcastic and doesn't care about much except for her remaining family. Her actions can be very rash and quickly though which like to backfire on her. Amber is very impatient, she hates having to wait also causing rash and quick decisions. Amber also has a lot of aggression when she is pushed to do something she can't. Amber can't take an insult, and can't et things go, she will hold a grudge for months at a time and will overreact. Amber is really anti-social, growing up on a island without any other kids caused her to not talk to people much.

History: Amber is 19-years-old living in Endsville, She was born on October 25th, 2026. Her mother was a Crentori and her father was human. Her mother, born on Earth, Died 2 years after Amber's birth. Her Father remarried to a human and had Grey, Amber's half brother(Grey will be created if Amber is accepted) Her father died 2035 as did her step-mother in 2034, causing Amber and Grey to be orphans. Amber tried her hardest to take care of Grey, one day in the Endsville Grocery Store, Amber had Grey in the cart and while she went to get something out of the aisle, she came back and the shopping cart was gone. Amber had no choice but to just sit down and cry. She felt like a failure to her only remaining family. After 5 minutes, she was found by Dr.Ghastly, who took her to Hector Con Carne island and raised Amber as her adopted daughter. When she was 9, Amber showed interest creating things and fixing machines so when she was 13, she was allowed to Ghastly's assistant. Ghastly continued to raise Amber with the occasional advice from Con Carne. Amber moved out when she was 18 and went back to her Endsville home. When she return she found Grey, on the couch, with Billy and Irwin. After feeling relieved that her brother was alive for all these years, she need to support herself and Grey so she got a job as a mechanic at Exervent (Zerowing approved). Amber's powers started to show around age 16, She trys to use them, but it tires her out and she can blackout after prolonged use. Along with the blackouts, her powers cause Short Term Memory Loss. Amber found files in her house's basement containing her mother's alien origin, Amber receives the side effect of her powers due to the fact she is only half Crentori.

Crentori: The Crentori are from the planet Crentorias, a planet located the Andromeda Galaxy. They are very similar to humans as having the same anatomy. Full Crentori have Telekinesis and Limited Teleportation. Amber, Being only half Crentori, has Limited Telekinesis, as she has frequent blackouts and Short-term memory loss. The planet of Crentorias is about 7.8 billion years old and has technology millions of years more than earth's. This is because of the age of the species and the Crentori have a natural ability to create and worth with technology which is where Amber receives her ability, even though most her creations are jury-rigged and unstable.(Will edit more)

Do you use nanos: No.

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