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Gianmaria Blu [Alpha's]

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Gianmaria Blu [Alpha's]

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:22 pm

Name: Gianmaria Blu
Age: 22 years
Ethnicity: Italo-American
Allegiance: Good guys
Origins: Human
Appearance: i'm supposed to look like this guy http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2009/ ... Margot.png (this leads to the page where the photo is) its the biggest photo in the page

Strengths: very high capacity of understanding situation, very high deduction capacity (in other words he is good at finding solutions to problems), knowledge intended as scientific culture (expecially about the energetic systems and nanotechnology), ability of analyzing materials and substances

Weaknesses: he is superscared of bees and floats, also he is not very good at running fast for a long time, his worst weakpoint is the fact that when he gets angry he loses the control and can become practically the opposite of what he usually is, he loves the sweets (but he is still slim due to the fact he works out a lot)

Personality: He is a gentle person, he cares about his friends and about people who need help. He rejects the use of curse words and physical agression. Usually when he is in his calm state he is sociable and empathetic, he always tries to give his best to help the others to feel good and safe, but he can be very mean to people who hurt his friends or his feelings.

History: he was born in italy and passed there most of his childhood and adolescence. Once he met his girlfriend he decided to crown his dream to come living in the Usa finding a nice home in the suburbs. He worked for the dexlabs planning new energy efficience and production devices. When the invasion came he was working on a new supercomputer capable of maximize the energy generatoin capacity of every power plant in the world but he decided to gave his knowledge to help the heroes against the terrible lord fuse, to protect his world and his family against a terrible death, letting this project holding on until the end of the invasion.

Nanos: yes

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