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Ritsuko Akizuki [Mallory's]

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Ritsuko Akizuki [Mallory's]

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:19 pm

Name: Ritsuko Akizuki AKA Agent Seven

Age: 37

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Race (If your OC is an alien): Human

Allegiance: Good Guys

Origins: EVO

Powers: She does not have any powers from her nanites, but she simply relies on her martial arts training, throwing knives, tazers, and other assorted weapons.

Appearance: http://moe.animecharactersdatabase.com/ ... 369702.jpg

Strengths: -Enhanced Strength (Able to withstand strong attacks that would rather kill someone)

-Enhanced Endurance (How long she can do things with out getting tired.

-Enhanced Agility: How fast and how far she can run.

Weaknesses: -Emotions get in the way, she's very sensitive.

-She is a bit too protective, worrying too much is what gets her.

-She is also very stubborn, when she sets her mind on something, she doesn't stop.

Personality: Ritsuko is a very kind and protective person, with a good sense of righteousness and bravery. She can be a bit of a worrier at times, but it's only because she cares about her family and friends, and wants to be there when they need her. She can be stubborn at times, and has a bit of trouble making up her mind, but other than that, Ritsuko is a nice kind person who knows what she needs to do, and when to do it. She brave, determined and hard headed, which makes her perfect to be an Agent for Providence.

History:Ritsuko was a nice kind girl who had an older sister. The two would always play and have fun, but when they became teenagers, things got worse. Their parents died when they were both 16, resulting in the two having to fend for themselves, living on the streets, to Fosters homes, until they were old enough to go their separate ways. Ritsuko decided to go into the singing business to help herself and her sister get money, but her older sister had different plans.

When the two were older, in their twenties, Ritsuko's sister married to a man that was very selfish, cruel; Ritsuko hated him, he wasn't a good man but her sister wouldn't listen. After the Nanite Event struck, Ritsuko went into the Providence Recruitment program, where she learned to hone he skills and be aware of her surroundings once EVOs hit the scene. She later joined a small group of Agents and became Agent 7, below her higher officer and good friend Six. The two partnered up for a few battles and assignments, before Ritsuko went back to see how her sister was doing.

She came back to find that her sister had a daughter, but what she found was horrifying. Her sister had caused an accident that greatly injured her niece, resulting in them experimenting on her deliberately to see how for the nanite project could go. Ritsuko was terrified and guilty for not being able to stop it, so she called Providence to arrest her sister and her sister's husband before they could do worse. She felt helpless to help her niece, so she went off across the world to study nanites and to hopefully find a cure, but now luck. She came back to Providence to find that they had found a young boy, Rex, that could be the cure. She happily agreed that he should stay and she left once more to hone and train for 5 years. She returned to Providence a year later to fully join the Team with her niece, Mallory Akizuki, and reunite with her teacher Six, to help stop the Nanites from corrupting the world and the people she knew and cared for.

Do you use nanos: No she does not.

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