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The Greatest Collection of Murder Mysteries RP

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The Greatest Collection of Murder Mysteries RP Empty The Greatest Collection of Murder Mysteries RP

Post  techee on Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:34 pm

Set within an alternate Fusion Fall world, there lays a group of teens who will, by fate, group together to solve an untimely death, using their skills to do so. Will they work together? Will there be a mole in the group? Who's even the murderer? To answer these questions, and more, we must start from the very beginning.

There was a party tonight. Jade received a flier with an attached ticket on his door. "This is rather interesting. A party to commemorate the next generation fighters in this war. The party starts at 4:30 this afternoon." He looks at his watch, the time was around the afternoon time. "I got couple of hours to be prepared." He spent the remaining time relaxing and getting dressed. He left his tree house at around 3:30 to make sure he arrived on time. He eventually arrived to the convention area of a hotel. He went to the table and said his name. He got his packet. He then went onto one of the ball rooms where a stage was set up in the far back, tables spread enough with room, and two buffets in the center area, dividing the room. He sat at a table that sat exactly to the right of the stage up front. As he waited for people to come in, he decided to open up his packet. There was a book with the night's events. He opened the book to find a list of names at the end, each listed with a specialty. In high school, he was required to take a test that was both physical and mental. This test was primarily a aptitude test. When someone took this test, it assigns them a job. Some jobs put people in a group called The Leaders. The Leaders were made up of fighters, scientists, inventors, engineers, spies/agents, athletes, and people with special abilities. This party was to celebrate them. Jade's specialty within the Leaders was Adventurer, he then read onto the rest of the names and closed the book. He continued unpacking his packet and found a jobs book. Curious to what an adventurer is, he flipped until he found it. He read quietly to himself 'An adventurer is someone who can lead a group and is willing to fight at all times.' "That sounds like me." Jade says to himself. There was other odds and ends stuff, including a room key. "This is bizarre. Why did they give me a room key? I thought this event was only for tonight? I guess it's a week long event." He didn't realize what was already planned. After he was done, he stuffed the packet again and put it aside. Once done, some more people started to enter.

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