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Javerick Von Abyssal

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Javerick Von Abyssal

Post  Blueyedemoness on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:18 pm

Name: Javerick Issiah Von Abyssal

Age: Immortal (looks 28)

Race: Demon

Allegiance: Neutral

Origins: Demon


-Demon Scale Armor: An upgrade to the Demon Armor that Elyon currently has this is much stronger than most armor in the world and the only thing that can pierce it is Light Magic or a supercharged attack. It will also take half damage from Earth and Water Magic (Can only use this power by itself in his normal form for about 10 minutes)
-Shadow Web: Strings of Shadow that ensnare/trap it's victims before coco their energy away and giving it to Javerick. (can only use this power by itself in his normal form for about 10 minutes or when victim has no more energy)
-Daemon Form: Basically when Javerick goes into his actual appearance described below, he is at his full power in this form.
-Scythe of the Abyss: Only can happen when in possession of the Abyssal family sword; using the power within his blood (meaning slicing himself with it) Javerick transforms the sword into a scythe that thrives on the power of his blood and needs it to keep in that form (essentially if he stops using his blood it'll revert back to the sword form and it can be used at the same time as Daemon Form).


-Human Form: Javerick's Human Form (original picture by ksgentei on Deviantart)

-Demon Form: Has a long flowing black outfit that have thin lines of red running through it, glowing constantly. His hair becomes longer and is without braids. The whites of his eyes are black with black marking that line his face along with the two black horns that are really long. His fang peek out of his mouth even when closed and his nails become like sharp knives for claws. He also has gigantic black and red wings that are visible on his back.


- Has an overwhelming love and loyalty for his family and kingdom so he would do anything for them and protect them with his life
-Physical strength far exceeds that of a human
-Heals faster than a human
-Gains power boost from Dark Magic as well as from negative emotion/chaos from those around him
-Incredible speed


-Power and strength significantly decrease if he manages to get hit enough with Light Magic (four of five times)
-He's a flirt, that itself is a problem especially if his wife catches him flirting with another woman (more part of his demon nature, he still loves his wife more than anything)
-When he snaps he is so enraged almost nothing can stop him (hence his wife comes into play)
-He's a bit lazy when it comes to his duties and usually waits to the last minute to do his royal duties
-Javerick is also egotistical and arrogant so he tends to underestimate his opponents at first since he's stronger than most creatures in the world
-Holy Water and Holy Relics will burn him at a touch

Personality: Javerick is a bit of a flirt, he likes to hit on women but that is about it, he won't go any further than that (and maybe a free dinner/meal). He's also a laid back and lazy ruler so he tends to do stuff at the last minute despite his advisors telling him otherwise. But he's a loving husband and father and would do anything to protect his wife and daughter, even sacrificing his life for them. Same goes for his kingdom though he holds his family much higher than the kingdom in a sense, still he does his best to be a good king even though, right now, he is in hiding and can't rule properly.

Also, typical of a demon, Javerick is arrogant and likes to boast on his power, often downgrading his opponents since he is so used to being the best of the best. He loves to play with his opponents, to get into their heads and play mind games till they either start making mistakes or go insane... or both. But if the person is much more powerful than anticipated his playful and laid back personality melts into a sadistic, manipulating and sometimes even serious demon who has to take his opponent seriously. When he's serious he doesn't play around and will start torturing you or killing you immediately, especially if you're a threat to his family or kingdom.

Be warned, if you get Javerick angry enough he will snap, meaning he will go into a blind and uncontrollable rage and won't stop unless Lillianna (his wife) calls him to his senses (via whipping him in the face) or the person responsible is dead/mangled enough to calm his rage. One thing is for sure, don't make him snap unless you want to be sent (nearly) to the Underworld.

History: Javerick was born countless years ago and was born to the, now retired, King and Queen of the Demon Realm: Deivil Yuggoth Feral Abyssal and Lillith Zelas Tali Abyssal . He was the first son of two, the other being Kilroy Garius Wen Abyssal his younger brother. Through his youth he learned the ways his father wanted him to rule but didn't care much for them and was more interested in playing pranks and having fun, much to his parents dismay. Kilroy sometimes helped him out but only if it didn't stop the "nerd" from studying, which was something that Javerick had no interest whatsoever.

One day he met a kid with red skin and black hair who was also a fellow prankster, causing the two becoming close friends. He was interesting to Javerick considering he had the ability to shapeshift into almost anything even if he was still learning his powers. Kilroy didn't seem to like him too much but that didn't stop the Crown Prince from hanging out with the demon known as ██████████. But like all good friends they didn't always see eye to eye and they would usually taunt each other or get into little fights. Such was the life of two adolescent demons at the time though at a certain incident things were taken too far for each other's liking.

Javerick started belittling ██████████, saying how much better he was since he was the Crown Prince and that he had better blood than his friend. His friend, who scoffed at the idea, said otherwise and that he could prove him wrong by transforming into something he had yet to try and still was too inexperienced to fully do. Javerick edged him on, DARING him to do such a thing, prompting the friend to attempt to transform into a large monster with clawed arms. But something went terribly wrong and the transformation backfired, causing permanent damage to the demon child's hands, forever changed into large red claws. After that the two friends stayed away from each other, only talking every once in a while, but they weren't as close as they used to be nor would they ever will. The demon known as ██████████ is called Him in the human world.

Fast forward to when he had the form of a man in his late twenties Javerick met a human woman and thought she would be fun to mess with and, perhaps, deflower her for his own amusement. But he soon found out this woman, Lillianna Helena De Laga, was not someone to mess with and was even on par with his own mind games. Soon he became very frustrated and flustered on how she dooped him every time he tried to make an advance. He even started to think about her daily, not being able to get her out of his mind no matter what he did, she just wouldn't leave his thoughts. But he wasn't coco, for he then realized he was actually falling in love with her... him, Demon King Javerick Issiah Von Abyssal, was falling in love with a human woman.

Soon he started to do what he could to impress her, show her his powers, dancing with her under the moonlight and even putting on perfume so that he smelled nice. Eventually the two met alone at night and Javerick was about to ask his hand in marriage before she kissed him passionately and the two had fun under the moonlight. When he asked why she said to him that "What better way to ask and accept of proposal of love and marriage by uniting as one?" she said, which made perfect sense. After that the two built a house up in the Darklands at Huntor's Crest in the Dark Glade where Lillianna gave birth to their daughter named Elyon Sierra Von Abyssal.

For the first three years of her life Elyon was the pentacle of both Javerick and Lillianna's lives, the one thing that made them truly happy. But it didn't last very long for one day Lillianna had a vision, a vision of a green planet that would engulf the Earth and everything around it in a green, acid-like substance. Both of them knew the danger and risk to their daughter's life and so Javerick arranged a meeting of his brother, Kilroy, so that he may take care of the baby princess while they were gone. Unfortunately after they had left their daughter was kidnapped by her human Aunt and Uncle and forced under their constant abuse.

Javerick and Lillianna did their best to counter the creature known as Fuse but it was too much for them and soon their fusion selves took root. In order to counteract Lillianna put a barrier up to contain herself, and their fusion selves within the planet, shoving Javerick through a portal through to the Underworld. He begged her not to do this but she would not have it and since he was too weak to stop her he had no choice but to stay in the Underworld and recover for over ten years.

Now he was back on the surface world after going through a portal Boogie had put up for those who went through the Tomb of his Ancestors. He reunited with his daughter and rescued his wife and was able to be a family once again for a while. Then, from a last minute decision, Javerick took his daughter and wife and left to train Elyon to be a worthy leader of the Demon realm. All of them are now back after a year being gone and things haven't been better.

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