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Xavier Xyres

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Xavier Xyres

Post  Ryuga on Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:04 pm

Name: Xavier Xyres
Age: 17
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Race: Human
Allegiance: Hero
Origins: Power
Powers: Ice


Blizzard Xavier can release a burst of energy that forms into icy wind and snow that reaches the skies that would create a blizzard/snowy environment that will effect his opponent. This would only cover the area Xavier is in and can get rid of the storm with ease (Low-High. This ability can linger throughout whatever situation, effecting the person greatly)
Freeze Xavier has the ability to form ice on any part of his body thanks to being able to lower his own body temperature to below freezing levels and beyond. At such a low body temperature, Xavier could inflict frostbite or even freeze whoever he touches in his freezing state (Medium)

Ice Canon Xavier creates a large ice canon from his hands which can be executed the moment he decides to unleash the massive ice beam. (Medium)

Frost AuraSimilar to freeze but is used as a boost for his offense and defense actions. The aura appears a sky blue with the addition of frost in the mix of it as well[/i][/b]

Himalayan Onslaught  Xavier's most deadly technique which involves a damage inflicting blizzard that would surround Xavier and his target as he unleashes a massive series of blows in hand to hand combat or a massive blast depending on whether the situation requires a melee or ranged attack. Though this will drain Xavier completely vulnerable as the attack drains Xavier completely for a a brief period of time ranging from a few minutes, an hour, possibly even a day depending on Xaviers physical condition(High)

Appearance: Shy Eye (Right Eye) Hairstyle with it being a frosty light blue hair, eyebrow and eye color. He has a toned slim muscle build. Xavier wears a light blue long sleeve collared dress shirt leaving a few buttons at the top unbottoned revealing a black shirt underneath and black pants and shoes


  • Hand to Hand Combat

  • High Endurance levels when brought down severely

  • He is able to resist illnesses


  • Fire and earth element attacks

  • Gets dizzy and lightheaded when on boats or airplanes

  • Deathly allergic to beans and cantaloupe

Personality: Outside of battle, Xavier is an easy going guy. He can get a bit angry when annoyed or toyed with though he's mild mannered. He loves nature and can be found sitting under a tree napping instead of playing a video gamlikes to sleep a lot, which is paradoxical with his work-out routine, and it takes nothing short of an earthquake to force him awake. The only time he lets his easy-going image go is when it comes to food. Xavier loves food and will eat almost anything (except tomatoes and spicy food). He's almost always eating, but because he is always working out, he has to eat more than the normal person to keep his calories and energy up. If a person gets inbetween him and his food, it's all downhill for the poor fool who decided to stand in Xavier's way. When he's in battle, he's calm, but a risk taker. He can be a bit of a smart alec while in battle, if he's tag-teaming, but when he's fighting solo, he doesn't speak, and gets the job done as quickly as possible. When he's over-matched, he lets all reservations go, and goes all out on the opponent, which may work for the situation, but since he's tunnel-visioned in the battle, he can cause more harm than good.

Xavier's History

For most of Xavier's life, he was a normal teen, until he chose to climb Monkey Mountains in the Wilds. He had been warned against doing so, especially when his friends warned him about the dangers, but Xaiver ignored their concerns and climbed the mountain. He had almost gotten to the top when he suddenly felt cold. Monkey Mountains was a dormant volcano, and was always producing heat. When he made it to the top, he noticed that it was freezing cold, and he immediately searched for it. Imbedded in a crack in the ground was a diamond-like ice increastment arm band. He pulled it from the crack and placed it on his arm. Almost immediately, he felt a cold shiver travel through his body. The ice that was hidden in the crack traveled up his body without his knowledge and changed his hair, eyebrow, and eye color.
Shocked by his sudden change, Xavier went back to his house and began to tinker with the arm band, finding that it wouldn't come off. His friends visited and mocked his new look, but Fusions immediately attacked. Xavier and his friends tried to protect themselves, but they were overpowered, and their weapons were destroyed. One of Xavier's friends was being beaten to death, while Xavier watched in anger. He felt his anger rise, and he didn't see the armband glow or his hand freeze over until he felt the coolness of it. Surprised once more, he decided to get over it quickly and shot his frozen hand at the Fusions. The icicles hit the Fusions, getting them away from his friend.

Ever since that incident, Xavier's friends really didn't bother to talk to Xavier or hang around him which Xavier didn't care because of certain reasons. Xavier knew very little about his newfound powers so he trained to understand his powers. For him not knowing about his powers much, he discovered alot about them through training in harsh snowy environments to bring out his powers to there fullest. Because of his hard work of training and discoveries, Xavier decided to put his powers to good. He began to stop Fuse and other evils that pose their threat to Earth, which led him to more discoveries about his powers. More lies in the future for which great things to happen and protecting the Earth.

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