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Non-Elemental Powers.

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Non-Elemental Powers.

Post  Flame Melody on Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:19 pm

So I suggested some ideas and it seems it's a good idea to place them as suggestions and I want to also see opinions if it might sound good idea to add these powers:


Users of this type have the ability to:

  • Draw any type of magic from metal.

Users of this type can cast non-elemental magic in the form and shape and even feel of elemental ones, but must have to use metals to use them. This type can also use sticks and other materials such as stones, gems, or even plastic, but only the very strong can use plastics or woods and such, or else basic users won't be even able to use the magic from these materials. 

This is restricted for the ones after many years of hard training and experience in the magical powers they are granted.
Their magic is weaker than the others by 35%, since they use elemental damage that might resemble and burn as a fireball and as watery as a flood, but they cannot burn nor drown or whatsoever and also they take more time to get tired from using their magical powers due to them using objects to summon their magic from.

Their speed of drawing attacks is also somewhat slower than normal magical users. Despite that, their stamina repays them a lot. In addition, they can cast spells in a very long range.


Users who are under Poison have the following abilities:

  • Maniuplation of toxic particles
  • Creation of small gas clouds
  • Teleportation through toxic vapors
  • Ability to cause toxic curses
  • Usage of poison-themed spells.

Users are able to manipulate toxic particles that can be used as a weapon against their enemy. They can even make small clouds, that are also used as a weapon. The gas clouds are distractions against the enemy, although they can be used to infect the other opponent for 30 seconds. There are no after effects. Using toxic vapors, users can travel to almost anywhere with reasonable time. 

The vapors are effected by wind direction, and through travel, users cannot attack or defend themselves. They are also able to cause toxic curses, but they cannot kill the opponent. The curses will usually last a week, unless the user is very weak in which the spell will last only a day. The stronger the user, the more time the toxic curse will last and the stronger it is. But never able to kill anyone.


Users who are under Curse Inducement (Jinx) have the following abilities:

  • Ability to curse a large object (like buildings and roads) and make it crumble )But this power can't be abused for such big thing as roads and buildings, you must ask an RP coordinator if you're allowed to curse such object even if you can as sometimes you may not be allowed to do it for certain reason.).

  • Ability to lay a minor negative effect upon an item
  • Ability to lay a minor illness on a person

These users can not cause any death curses, no massive curses, and the power of their curses get stronger and last longer after training and gaining new powers and transformations. Such stuff as paralysis can't be paralyzing the said person for a long time if the the user is still on the basic level or used the spell for the first time. This applies for everyone and every curse.

Crumbling buildings and stuff can be applied but usually takes a long time, as they can't make the object fall apart in one spell, as they need to do it part by part or else that's a power abuse which isn't allowed. They can also cause simple diseases such as cold, flu, etc. on objects, but the power of the curse depends on the power of the user and large objects such as buildings and roads can't be cursed. 

The bigger the object the harder it is for the user to cast a curse on it and basic and new users can't cast a curse on big objects, only small objects as cursing big objects will happen when they know how to control their powers and is used only by the stronger ones and if a basic user tried to do it, the curse may never happen or only last few seconds.

Magnetism Manipulation

Users who are under Metal Manipulation have the following abilities:

  • Manipulation (shape, compress, repair, sharpen, liquefy) of metal objects
  • Ability to move a metal objects half their weight
  • Matter surfing by riding a metallic object
  • Summoning of metal objects.

Metal manipulators have the ability to manipulate almost all sorts of metallic substances. However, they cannot manipulate anything that weighs more than half of their own weight. They can make the metal lift, liquify and reshape, expand it, shrink it, use it as a weapon or a shield. They can mend a piece of metal, and can even feel metals within ten feet of them. 

They also have the ability to use a metalic piece to fly when out of their form and also summon metallic weapons/items when they need to. They can summon metals upon their desire, but this ability can't be used a lot. You must stop using it after using it after about 15-20 times.

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