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Yuni Unmei

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Yuni Unmei

Post  Blueyedemoness on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:15 pm

Name: Yuni Unmei

Age: 18

Ethnicity: Japanese-American

Appearance: Yuni

Allegiance: Neutral

Origins: Human

Weapons: Katana blade that has been enchanted to be able to stay sharp constantly and won’t break easily. She also carries knives and wires that are also enchanted.

Height: 5’6

-Determined; Yuni does her best on every mission and when she is given a task almost nothing stops her from completing it.

-Very Intelligent; Because of her experiences and her training since young Yuni is more intelligent than most people.

-Above average endurance; Since Yuni knows much about combat she is able to endure a lot more than most people can, though she still has her limits.

-Agility; Considering her job, Yuni has to not only think quickly but act quickly as well

-Too serious a lot of times; Causing her to use logic than emotion both inside and outside her job.

-Diligence in work; Even though diligence is a good thing it is often bad as well. Sometimes Yuni is so caught up in her mission she rarely notices anyone caught in the fray and those who oppose her will be struck down without any remorse. The only exception from this is children.

-Children; Despite being cold Yuni shows a very soft and kind side to children, often showing her more vulnerable and emotional side of herself

-Chocolate; You offer her chocolate and you can bet she will take that as a reward more than whatever the price of another job… well considering how big the chocolate is. Also she’ll almost do anything for it, you can even bribe her with it.

History: Yuni grew up just like a regular person… well as regular as you could get with an ex-bounty hunter as a father that is along with a housewife of a mother. At a young age Yuni was trained by her dad to be able to protect herself in case neither of her parents were while her mother let her try some other duties like cooking and apply first aid. But over the years as she went to school Yuni found that life seemed to not make much in the world and at the age of fourteen her family became poor, causing to drop out of school and help them out. But she realized that having no job was not going to be enough to help her parents; she was going to have to get one herself.

So after some discussion with her family she decided to take up what her dad did: bounty hunting. With the skills she was taught since she was small and enchanted weapons from a family friend, Yuni was able to get the gist of the job occupation easily and started to build a decent reputation.

Do you use nanos?: Yes


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