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Potentiavore [Smash's][Hiatus]

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Potentiavore [Smash's][Hiatus]

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:09 pm

Name: Potentiavore

Age: Unknown

Race: Imaginary Friend

Allegiance: Neutral

Origins: Imaginary Friend (Creator Unknown)

Powers: Energy Drain - Potentiavore can drain the energy of any living being through physical contact. This is how it recharges itself, similar to most other creatures eating. The drain will continue as long as there is physical contact. However, this form of drain is not nearly as severe as most other forms. Victims of this power will recover mere seconds after physical contact, and will usually be back at full strength within minutes. The draining itself isn’t painful, but does cause an uncomfortable sensation and numbness wherever the physical contact is, as well as lightheadedness, but the feeling will disappear shortly after the draining stops. This power will not work on non-living objects, such as Ben’s Omnitrix or Megas. Using this power on an omnipotent such as Grim or Demongo will likely result in serious injury, if not death, for Potentiavore, because it can’t handle that much energy.

Energy Sense - Potentiavore can sense living energy sources. This sense is strong enough that it can sense energy within about a mile. It can’t sense the exact amount of power a person has until it’s within a yard or so of he/she/it. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads it to beings that it can’t drain, such as immortals.

Enhanced Strength/Durability - Potentiavore has more strength than the average Imaginary Friend. It can put a dent in metal with a little work. It can also lift heavy objects, although it can’t lift anything heavier than a few hundred pounds. Potentiavore can also take a lot of damage. Simple punches from people with ordinary strength will barely even hurt it. Punches from superhumans or other creatures with enhanced strength will hurt it, though it will still probably get back up. Like all Imaginary Friends, it also has resistance to Fusion Matter. However, its resistance to energy-based attacks such as gun shots and magic is very little, though it takes several shots to bring it down.

Appearance: Potentiavore looks like somewhat like a silhouette of a human, but much bulkier, and about five times the size of an average kid. It has glowing red eyes, but you can’t see much of the rest of its face due to it being pitch black. Its arms and legs are very bulky as well. It also has three large black spikes on its back, although they don’t seem to serve much of a purpose attack-wise.

Strengths: 1. Potentiavore can see in the dark better than most other lifeforms can, similar to night vision goggles, except it sees red instead of green. This can be creepy, especially if it's hunting you at night deep in the forest.

2. Potentiavore is very skilled at tracking its prey. If it sees you, and really wants your energy, chances are it'll hunt you down and get it one way or another. The only way to get it off your trail is to get it to hunt something else, which is fairly easy if it finds something that has more energy than you.

3. Potentiavore is just plain scary. A lot of people would probably run from it even if it wasn’t dangerous. This can also be seen as a sort of weakness, as it can make it harder for it to catch its prey.

Weaknesses: 1. Potentiavore is about as fast as its size would suggest. Although it can run fairly fast for its size, as long as you have working legs, you can probably outrun it. Just don’t trip.

2. If Potentiavore is heavily outnumbered or outgunned, it can be defeated with minimal difficulty. All it really takes to beat it is a simultaneous attack by multiple people, along with a little bit of its third weakness…

3. Light. Looking directly into a bright light of any kind will temporarily blinded Potentiavore. This includes the Sun, if it looks directly at it, artificial light, magical light, and pretty much any other type of light imaginable. This is Potentiavore’s greatest weakness.

Personality: Potentiavore seems like a mindless, uncaring beast, but it’s actually not that bad if you ignore the fact that it’s trying to hunt you down. It’s actually fairly intelligent, and can understand people that communicate with it, and can also talk, although it rarely does unless it feels it has to. It refuses to harm any other Imaginary Friends, due to a sort of code of honor.

History: Not much is known about Potentiavore’s history, but this is its story according to legend. Potentiavore is a centuries-old Imaginary Friend that once had a close bond with its creator, who to this day is unknown. The creator in question protected his or her Imaginary Friend from people who thought of it as a beast, due to its need to absorb other beings‘ energy to survive. At its creator’s insistence, the Imaginary Friend only drained the energy of animals, and even then only drained as much as it needed. Unfortunately, the creator was killed when some people in the town tried to destroy it. Enraged, Potentiavore ravaged the town, and fled. Now, it doesn’t seem to care who or what it absorbs, as long as it’s ‘fed’. It’s considered by almost everyone to be a myth, but since Fuse’s invasion drove Potentiavore out of the deepest depths of the forest, that my change, especially now that it hungers for the energy of humans.

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