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Welcome to the FMHQ Role-Play Forums!

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Welcome to the FMHQ Role-Play Forums! Empty Welcome to the FMHQ Role-Play Forums!

Post  dex7322 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:46 am

Since FMHQ's FusionFall forums have been shut down, all Role-Play activity is now being hosted here, though remade officially for and still the property of the Fusion Modulation Headquarters. Kyra_Xyrespace and zerowing21 are now your social administrators here on the Role-Play forum. The coordinators' of this lovely site are Blueyedemoness, Mr.Didathing, Professor Utonium, mallory627, and Kaiser.

Create an account today an join in on the fan-powered fun of the Role-Play game, discuss outside interests in the Off-Topic forum, show us your creativity in the gallery, and more!

Oh, and excuse the mess... All forum functionality is working A-OK, however our template for the site is not quite finished, yet. Stay tuned.


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