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Note & Birdie

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Note & Birdie

Post  Kyra_Xyrespace on Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:56 am

It was by pure accident that Panic ended up at Elyon's doorstep. The robin had been off, on the hunt for his mortal enemy, the human that had attempted to kill him, when he hit an invisible barrier and fell to the ground. He released a cry, and sat up on his claws, squawking a little as he fixed up his feathers.

The door opened, and standing in the doorway was Elyon, who was looking around for the source of what had hit the magical barrier. When she heard another squawk and looked down to see the robin at her feet, looking up at her expectantly.

"Well I shouldn't be surprised by this," Elyon sighed.

The note was leaning over her shoulder, looking down at the little robin. It looked very funny, and so, the little piece of parchment rolled off of Elyon's shoulder and landed beside the bird. The robin looked at the note critically before giving it a poke with his beak. The note rolls back from the tap.

Do not do that!

The robin tilted his head at the letters found on the parchment. It poked the paper once more, and the note rolled away again.

I mean it!

Panic was surprised by the piece of paper that was writing new letters on it. What was it?

Elyon glared down at the two, wondering how this became her life.

The robin hopped closer to the note, but didn't poke at it. The robin just tilted his head and looked at it. The note wrote out,

If you'd stop poking me, you would be really nice to talk to.

The robin chirped and titled his head at the paper.

Can you fly?

The robin nodded.


Elyon had been watching the exchange and she wanted to kick them both off her property, but she wanted to see the course they would take.

Can you fly with me on your back?

Panic did an equivalent to a bird shrug accompanied by a chirp.

Mommy, mommy! Place me on his back!! I want to have an adventure!!

Ely glared at the note and the bird gave a happy chirp at the thought; an adventure would be fun. Sighing, the half-demon reached down and placed the note on the back of the bird, not caring at all on how the note would stay on the bird.

Alright! It's the Note and Birdie Adventures! Come my stead!

The bird wasn't able to see what the note had said, so Ely just decided to shoo the bird away, much to the robin's anger. It flapped his wings and took off with the note, which was probably spelling out how happy it was to be on an adventure. Elyon just slammed her door shut, hoping the note would burn up over the Firepits if they ever got that far.



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Re: Note & Birdie

Post  zerowing21 on Sun Dec 01, 2013 2:00 am

Oh so worth the laugh. You should expand on this kyra!

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