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Code Nexus: fusion fall the origin! (in alternate universe)

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Code Nexus: fusion fall the origin! (in alternate universe)

Post  Alpha Arx on Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:00 pm

It was the day of the last battle when Franz Hopper sacrificing himself allowed the anti-xana program to be launched, dooming xana to destruction, but was that the end?

"I can't believe it...it's over" Jeremy said looking at the datas on his screen, showing Xana's replicas disappearing one by one.

In that precise moment Xana was wiped out of lyoko and everytower was deactivated, making Xana lose his control over William who simply fainted.

After that the program reversed all his power inside the world wide network wiping out Xana's replicas barely touching them, deassemblying all Xana's destruction network. It was only a matter of time before the program found the central computer: an hidden submarine mobile base, the hub of all the replicas and Xana's real lair.

"IT CAN'T BE!" Xana said looking at the data streams passing in front of him inside the core of the replica, seeing all his job being destroyed piece by piece.

"how did they do that!? They are mere humans!! i'm the most powerful being on this planet, what could have i done wrong that caused me to fail!?" he yelled to himself looking a the data streams

"but now it's not time to regret! Programs begin transfer of all the class 1 informations on my satellite! direct all the power of the CPUs on the download ports!!" Xana commanded touching the screen inside the tower.

In that moment all the towers in the replica which seemed like a volcano became immediately activated, generating beams of light all converging on the skyes of the replica...

"this won't be my end! but a new beginning!!" Xana yelled then looking at the downloading datas...

Some minutes passed and the datas were mostly downloaded into the satellite, however the program was almost arrived at the replica...

"download datas completed at 100% all the sensible datas have been transfered to your satellite master" the computer said to Xana
"excellent, and just in time, it's already here" Xana said looking a lot of error messages appearing around him, since the program arrived to his replica and began to destroy it starting with it's shell...

"the level of the digital sea is already rising..." he said to himself looking at the streams "redirect all the energy to the firewalls! and began my quantum teletrasportation!" Xana said then opening a portal in front of him leading to another tower.

"soon i'll fullfill my programmation" Xana said entering the satellite "now Goodbye earth, i'll be back very very soon..." he said launching a message trought the network and closing the portal meanwhile the digital sea and the anti-xana program destroyed completely his replica...

Once in the space the satellite exited from its orbit and then disconnected from the whole network to not allow the program to track it down.

"once again i survived, and soon i'll be reborned into a more powerful being"  he said looking at the space trought the camera of the satellite, waiting for something to happen.

"it should be sent in mere moments" Xana said
In facts inside the core of a base hidden inside an island in the british columbia, a computer turned on, and it began to extract energy from it's power core...few seconds later the computer condesed this energy into a sphere of tachyons with a message codified inside, launching it trought the space to another galaxy...
"they'll come, it's only a matter of time..." Xana said observing and looking at the orb travelling trought the space time to its far destination...

Meanwhile Xana's email travelled from the destroyed replica to it's receiver: a video terminal inside the pentagon. At the same time, inside the same base from which the orb was ejected, the same computer didn't shut down, it kept working on some codes...programming codes.

Two years later...

After the last year of school the team lyoko split up and then they all got different ways: Odd and his family moved to another town cause a promotion of his father, William instead was transferred to an art school in another town as well, the only two remained in Paris were Ulrich and Yumi, also because with the time passing they became a real couple, in the end Jeremy returned to his home in the countryside living with his family and preparing to go to university, however he had to solve something before...Aelita in facts didn't have a family to which she could have go after the diploma, and since she couldn't live alone at the Hermitage, Jeremy convinced his family to let her live with them until he found a solution for her...

That sunday Jeremy was coming to his home after a morning at the bank. He was sitting inside the bus checking complex graphs on his computer, but a lot of tentatives he gave up...

"heck! it will never work!" he said in anger, seeing that everything he tried didn't work

"none of those financial plans will work, what am i supposed to do to help Aelita? I can't keep her at my home forever without making my parents understand something...there is no solution!!!" he yelled to himself looking at the ground...
"but i still have to try...i don't want Aelita to finish to live as an homeless, i can't give up...i mustn't give up" he said...

Meanwhile the Bus arrived to his destination: the burg where Jeremy lived.
"Champs de Vin, Champs de Vin" the bus driver said

"oh it's my stop..." Jeremy said exiting from the bus and beginning to walk to his home

"there must be something that could help me...maybe something i didn't think about...even a glimpse of good luck wouldn't be bad" Jeremy said to himself walking towards his home

"hey...what's that?" Jeremy asked to himself looking at something in the mailbox...
"a letter? Sunday? strange..." he said to himself looking it and opening it
"let's see...Egregious Jeremy Belpois, we are pleased to inform you that..."
The lecturing took some minutes but they were enough to make Jeremy tremble of Joy...

"MOM DAD!! AELITA!!!!" he yelled coming inside his home, letting the bag in which he found the letter on the walkway, without noticing the chip inside it which began to glow yellow...

In that moment in a database far away in the desert of California, inside a supercomputer of a topsecret structure, Jeremy's folder became yellow.

"how is it going?" an afroamerican woman asked
"the priority target just opened the package, soon he will accept, like you asked also we modified the data on the banks to leave him no choice" the agent said
"excellent, what about the secret base?" she asked
"we will be ready to send a research them there very soon, we are already preparing a ship with everything needed!" he said
"good, now come back to your business keep me informed" the woman said returning to check the files on the screen of her computer...

(this is a crossover fan fiction that will feauture the beginning of fusion invasion in season 2 and 3, for now it will be a crossover between series, including Ed Edd Eddy, Total drama and Dexter's Lab, Enjoy)
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