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Hunter Necro [Brad's][Hiatus]

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Hunter Necro [Brad's][Hiatus]

Post  zerowing21 on Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:46 pm

Name: Hunter Necro
Age: Looks around 18
Ethnicity: American
Allegiance: Neutral
Origins: Humans
Personality:Hunter is a mild mannered man, having actually come face to face with death. After being brought back to life, Hunter's life changed, as did his personality. His muteness added to his calmness, since he is unable to verbally express himself. However, this does not mean cannot experience extreme emotions. When angry, especially when someone mocks or bad mouths his parents, Hunter goes into a rage and brutially beats up whoever dared to open their mouth. He's normally an easy-going guy, so to see this is rather strange. He can also get this way whenever someone mocks his disability, simply because he feels it is a vulnerability. What good is a mute on a battlefield? Hunter, like everyone else, wants to find a person who he can befriend and will understand him. He usually gets saddened when he is alone. Despite this, he does not like to be around a lot of people because he wants to do his own thing, and gets annoyed when held back by others.
Appearance: 6' 7" Black colored eyes Athletic build (Strong legs) Jet black faux hawk. After being scarred from many hard missions he now wears a Skull mask and a Skeleton long sleeved shirt (gloves included)
Strengths: Can fight well with a scythe, very strong legs, and can be very stealthy when he needs it most
Weaknesses: Being out in the bright sun can make him weakened, he is mute, and will get angry if people make fun of his parents which can cause him to fight with no real strategy making him vulnerable.
History: After dying by a terrible car crash kill him and his parents, he was sent to the Underworld for trial. When Grim's scythe has been stolen he volunteered to retrieve the scythe, but if he could be revived and be granted a normal/plain scythe. So after facing a nearly impossible quest against a horrendous spirit, Riu, he was finally able to be revived from the Underworld. Though, he wished his parents could have came with him but they were in a better place. So he now did missions for anyone that asked and was always on the move due to the fact that he was constantly hunted down because of his murders which made people resent him.
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